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Magic Frank Reaches into Minds

Bending The Laws of Reality

Watch your guests’ eyes pop out as they experience the power of Frank’s close-up magic. Jaws will drop when a chosen playing card appears in a lime. Teenage boys will strut with pride when they bend a coin with the power of their mind. Hearts will melt as lovers’ names magically combine. And, as for when he starts mind-reading. Well…

You want your family and friends to enjoy a party like no other and Magic Frank is here to help you do that. 

Private Parties

Birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, christenings and naming ceremonies. Whatever the social occasion, you will want your guests to have a fantastic time. Magic Frank specialises in entertaining at social occasions. It doesn’t matter if there are five people or five hundred, he is happy to bend the laws of reality and amaze everyone. Your party will be one they really are going to remember.

Parlour Performance

Magic Frank’s parlour performance is designed to bring the whole party together. He takes over one end of the room as a ‘stage’ and everybody gathers round to enjoy the show. Magic Frank then performs larger style magic and mind reading. For example, a torn newspaper will miraculously restore itself in front of the audience; cards will invisibly move from one person’s pocket to another’s; Magic Frank will make impossible predictions…which come true.

You can have all the thrill of a magic stage show right in your own front room!

The magic is all good clean fun for all ages. Everybody has a fantastic time and the act brings the whole group together, leaving them plenty to talk about afterwards.

You can have either type of performance or both. It’s entirely up to your situation. Every booking is bespoke to meet your needs. If  your guests’ enjoyment is paramount to you, then Magic Frank is who you are looking for.  Contact Magic Frank today for a friendly chat about what he can do for you.