Grou of peole at a table and a magician

Seasoning their Gin with Great Magic

Frank’s walk around party/reception option is where he mixes and mingles with your guests. He introduces himself and explains that you have specially arranged for him to entertain them with close up magic and mind reading

He then involvse the in several minutes of magic using cards and other objects. Signed cards appear, disappear, re-appear in strange places. Faces appear on blank cards. Minds are read! All of this happens right under their noses, usually in their hands. It is sprinkled with a good dose of clean humour…though he can be cheeky if the occasion demands it. Gasps of wonder are followed by laughter. Everyone will have a great time. More than that, they will be talking about your party for years to come.

His parlour performance is designed to bring the whole party together. He takes over one end of the room as a ‘stage’ and everybody gathers round to enjoy the show. He then performs larger style magic and mind reading. For example, a torn newspaper will miraculously restore itself in front of the audience; cards will invisibly move from one person’s pocket to another’s; Frank will make impossible predictions…which come true.

The magic is all good clean fun for all ages. Nobody is embarrassed or made fun of. Instead, everybody has a fantastic time and the act brings the whole group together, leaving them plenty to talk about afterwards.

Of course, you can have either type of performance or both. It’s entirely up to your situation. Every booking is bespoke to meet your needs. Contact him today for a friendly chat about how he can help make your party the talk of the town