A Magician or A Mind Reader: Which Should I Book?

Magician or Mind Reader (Mentalist).


What is the difference, and which should you book for your party?

Magician or Mind Reader: Magicians

Magician or mind reader: which should I book?

That is the question.

Generally speaking, magicians will perform tricks on stage and/or close up. These will usually involve items such a playing cards; cups and balls; personal items such as rings, wallets; money and dice. They may accompany the magic with stories or themes like gambling.

Most modern magicians (perhaps apart from children’s entertainers) do not usually claim to have any magical powers.

Let’s face it, if they did have supernatural powers, there would be better ways to employ them.

Part of the pleasure is in the fact that we know we are being tricked, probably by sleight of hand, but we can’t see how it’s done.

Well, at least that’s what the magician hopes.




Magician or Mind-Reader: Mind Readers

Also known as ‘mentalists’ these days, perform amazing feats using mind power. Impossible predictions; influencing choices; revealing secret thoughts; knowing what word on the page of a book somebody is thinking about and revealing star signs are just some of the things they do.

Now, some mind readers DO claim to have special skills. It may be psychic powers or perhaps an in depth understanding of human psychology which they are able to exploit for entertainment purposes.

Others maintain a mysterious silence about themselves and their abilities.

With the best mind readers, we are left thinking that what we have just witnessed might NOT be a trick after all.

Mind Reader

derren brown looking intense

              Derren Brown: A Mind Reader



Which To Choose?

You should begin by considering your audience.

I feel that if you have a lot of primary age children, them magic is better than mind reading. Mind reading tends to be less visual, colourful than magic and more verbal cerebral. The types of thing that are covered, e.g., revealing a special date in your life, may not interest the younger mind set. Mind readers can be very funny (for example a live Derren Brown show) but the humour may go above the heads of a young audience.

The children WILL be able to follow what a magician is doing.

With an older or more sophisticated audience, a mind reader may be a good choice. Many people have seen magicians. This is still not so much the case with mind-readers. It might be a refreshing change.

Also, it can be more engaging because whereas the average adult probably doesn’t believe in magic, they may be more open to the ideas surrounding ESP or psychological abilities that claim a scientific basis.

Close up or On Stage

In the past magicians performed on stage and close up, but mind readers tended to just do stage shows. However, recent years have seen the growth of close-up mentalists. This means that you can still have a choice even if you want somebody who can mix and mingle at your party.

Do I Need To Choose?

In a  word: probably not.

That’s two words.

In fact, many magicians include some mind reading in their work. So, you may not to have to make a choice if you want a bit of each.

Most mentalists started out as magicians. They will know magic tricks but tend to prefer not to show magic tricks anymore.

When you are looking into booking a magician read what they say their website. That will usually give you an idea as to whether they specialise in one or combine both.

Then, when you call, you can ask questions and make sure they can provide the type of magic you want for your audience.

Magic Frank Magician and Mind Reader

magician and mind reader

Magic Frank: Magician AND Mind Reader

As for me…

I specialise in party magic entertainment, performing a mixture of amazing magic and incredible mind reading. That way you get the best of both worlds.

I work close up, mixing and mingling with guests at parties.

I also have a fun, interactive parlour show.

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