Frank’s magic was truly amazing and seemed to defy reality

TV Magic has never been so popular.

But, how do you know it’s not just a camera trick. Or actors in the audience?

There’s no such explanation when it’s live and up close, the way I perform.

I had always thought if you watched closely at such close-up magic you would be able to get an idea of how it was done. With Frank, nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone was astounded. Steve Wrigglworth

My magic happens right in front of your guests. Often in their hands. 

Even sometimes in their own minds.


Here’s me in action. I know…I know…not the face of a matinee idol!

But just watch and listen to the crowd reaction.

We were all left gobsmacked, something for everyone from the littlest to the older ones Helen Lyndon 




I booked Magic Frank for a small family party for my dad’s birthday. Frank performed parlour style magic (basically a mini show) and close up magic. Kate Brown

I specialise in entertaining at social occasions. It doesn’t matter how small or large the numbers. It doesn’t matter if the guests are young or old. I have the right magic for everyone.

Your party will be the one they will be telling everybody about for a long time to come.


Brilliant! I was amazed at the close up magic that Frank did for me and my family at my friend’s party. Still talking about it today. No idea how he did it! Margaret Gün, guest at 50th birthday party

Magician performing in somebody's kitchen


I take over one end of the room/garden as a ‘stage’. There’s magic and mind-reading as we explore some of the hidden capabilities of the human mind.

There’s lots of audience participation.

There’s always tons of surprise and laughter. 

Everybody witnesses the impossible.

Many will experience it directly.

Some will even UNLEASH their own abilties.

Read more about it HERE

Kept my guests enthralled throughout the act, provided an excellent mix of close up magic and a separate cabaret performance to the whole room at the end. Great performance that suited all guests aged between 4 to 64. Thank you. John, Chorley


I entertain the guests while the bride and groom are having the wedding photos taken. Photographers need time it takes to do a professional job.

Unfortunately, there is usually not much for guests to do. They are standing around. Half of them don’t know each other. Worst of all…the bar isn’t open yet!

So, I mix and mingle, performing stroll around close-up magic and mind reading.

I bring them together and give them something to talk about. A perfect way to break the ice.

This allows the happy couple to focus on looking great in their photos. They can relax knowing their guests are having a great time.

SUPERB! Frank did such a good job at our wedding reception – we had to call him back for more after he’d left!!!! We couldn’t get enough of his magic! The best I’ve ever seen! Graeme Reid CEO Outside Gang Company

You can also book me to entertain your family and friends before the wedding breakfast.

Or perhaps there will be a lull between the meal and the dancing. Magic is the ideal way to make every part of the day memorable.