I read a while back that Michael MacIntyre cancelled a gig when he found out he was supposed to be performing for a firm of debt-collectors. Now, to be honest I don’t find him very funny. But I did respect that he cancelled a £28K gig because he remembered all too well what it was like to be in financial difficulties. He put his integrity over his business. When I read this, I asked myself: where would I draw

Here’s a trick you can teach your children. Could be handy during lockdown.

Secrets To Booking A Cheaper Magician You are holding a party. You have clients, colleagues, friends you want to impress. Here’s some tips on booking a cheaper magician. Go to an online marketplace provider such as Bark. Choose the cheapest magician. Advantages: You might pay as little as £100. Disadvantages: You get somebody who only values their own abilities at that price. Not very reassuring. What do you imagine about somebody in YOUR sector charging rock bottom fees? Book a

My new close up pad. I have never used them before but now I am uploading more videos I thought one would improve the presentation.