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The Magic of Being A Wedding Magician

Being a wedding magician is one of my favourite aspects of this job. The great thing about weddings is that everybody is happy because a major event in our rites of passage is celebrated. Of course, birthday parties and social dinners are great occasions, too. I LOVE performing at all types of social gatherings. I specialize in them.

Creating moments for people where logic and reason are suspended is always a joyful way to spend an afternoon or evening. It brings wonder back into lives again.

However, a wedding is very special. Two people are making a commitment together to show that they take their love and relationship most seriously. Everybody- family and friends- gathers to celebrate the day and wish them well as they set out on married life together. Even passers by smile and wave.

It always feels like an honour to be invited to participate in the occasion. It is a privilege to add even more magic to what is already a magical occasion. 


Carolyn and Ian’s Wedding

So, I was delighted to spend a wonderful afternoon at Carolyn and Ian’s wedding at the start of the summer. The guests were extremely friendly and welcoming. This is a testament to the type of warm people Carolyn and Ian are.

As you can see from the photos, everybody enjoyed the close up magic. They were taken by Dominic Crolla. A very friendly man and a great photographer.

About the Author: Frank Farrell is a close up magician and mind reader. He specializes in magic for social gatherings. He also gives entertaining lecture demonstrations on the power of the mind.

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