Apart performing magic (Let’s be honest: I love an audience)    my other great passion in life is reading.   I’ve been a book worm all my life. My mum told me that my first teacher said she had never met a child as determined to learn how to read as I was. I would spend days as a teenager in the local library. Unless I must keep an appointment, plane or train delays never bother me. It’s the

..and it’s time to face the challenges of the post lockdown landscape.   For me, it’s how do I perform my type of Magic So Close Up You Can See The Whites of Their Eyes… and yet maintain social distance?   The answer is simple:   I don’t.     Instead I offer two alternative services. An old favourite and a ‘Johnny come lately’.   Trusty Favourite: The Magic Show. Basically, I take over one end of a room or

Did You Know That If  You Book A Magician…. 1.    Your guests can tell the people you didn’t invite what an amazing party they missed. Fantastic opportunity to sow the seeds of envy and discord. 2.    The guests who are too drunk to join in the dancing without falling over and smashing up your brand-new designer furniture, can be safely kept entertained in a corner. 3.    You won’t be tripping over the children…and smashing up your brand-new designer furniture. 4.    You gain major bragging rights as your guests gush

Here are some handy tips to ensure you squeeze every last drop value out of the magician.     Actually, Why Bother? First, do you really need a magician at all? Most families have some saddo uncle who can pull a coin for behind an ear. Surely that’s enough. Let’s face, most of the guests will be legless within half an hour of the bar opening. They would be fooled by anybody who was less drunk -not that difficult- than

    The Midas Experience  “The golden touch is no blessing,” cried Midas.    The Midas Experience is my mind-reading show. I combine astonishing mentalism with thought provoking questions about possessing extraordinary powers. The Midas Experience takes a fresh approach to mind-reading entertainment. How? By grippping the emotions AND the intellect. The audience witness incredible feats of mind manipulation, prediction, synchronicity and mind-reading. Some volunteers will even explore their own psychic abilities. But The Midas Experience is different to the

Are you missing the magic of football during lockdown? Here’s a football-themed magic trick for you to enjoy.

I have had so much fun with this fantastic trick with a straw over the years. I hope you like it, too.      

This is a simple trick you can learn, show and teach any children in your care.  

MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE Here’s a fun challenge to drive the people you love around the bend.

MONDAY MORNING MAGIC I used to perform this when I first started magic over 30 years ago. Over time it has dropped out of my working material because it’s not really practical in a walkaround situation. Being in Lockdown has givne me the opportunity to revisit some old favourites. I hope you enjoy it. Your comments, likes, shares, booking enquires are all very welcome 😉