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Are you missing the magic of football during lockdown? Here’s a football-themed magic trick for you to enjoy.

I have had so much fun with this fantastic trick with a straw over the years. I hope you like it, too.      

This is a simple trick you can learn, show and teach any children in your care.  

MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE Here’s a fun challenge to drive the people you love around the bend.

MONDAY MORNING MAGIC I used to perform this when I first started magic over 30 years ago. Over time it has dropped out of my working material because it’s not really practical in a walkaround situation. Being in Lockdown has givne me the opportunity to revisit some old favourites. I hope you enjoy it. Your comments, likes, shares, booking enquires are all very welcome 😉

Here’s a trick you can teach your children. Magic for Children I hope you enjoy this trick you cna teach your children. As well as learning a new skill, magic teaches them the importance of practice. It also helps them develop self-confidence when presenting to other people. This an be very helpful to children who may be alittle shy or lacking in self confidence.   There’s more magic you cna teach your children HERE HERE’S a club for budding magicians.