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Drinks Reception


wedding reception guest looking surprised

Your guests are at the reception, waiting while you are being photographed.

They could be getting bored. Maybe there’s an awkward silence because the different sides of the family don’t know each other.

Worrying about your guests is the last thing you need on your mind.

You’re supposed to be enjoying your big day.

Let me help sort these problems so you can relax.

I mix with your everyone showing them amazing magic. There’s plenty of amazement and laughter. Exactly what you want to get the party spirt going and make the waiting time fly by.

As well as being great entertainment, it helps break the ice. Now the two sides of the family can get to know each other as they chat about the magic.

And you get great pictures for your wedding album.

Would it make sense for me to help at your wedding reception?

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Reception+Wedding Breakfast 


stockport wedding reactions

Table magic is a mini show with the entire table watching and tricks which involve everybody. 

Lots of audience participation keeps the interest high.

I perform at every table during the wedding breakfast. So, they have outstanding entertainment while I am with them, and then they have something to talk about after I leave. That way there’s no awkward silences if the people on the tables don’t know each other…which is highly likely!

I stay until every table has been seen. That’s great value for you.

If there are delays in service, your family and friends won’t become bored while waiting.

I do not put a time limit on this package as many other magicians do. If there are any delays I will stay until all the tables have been entertained.

Your guests will love this way of rounding off their meal and relaxing before the dancing.

Do you think your guests would enjoy a table show after their meal?

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“He was EPIC.” Lily, Brimstage Hall, The Wirral


The Post Breakfast Lull 

mother and son enjoying Bury wedding magician stockp[ort wedding magician

There can be a long gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and when the DJ starts the dancing.

With little for guests to do, the mood drops. I mix and mingle creating energy in the room. 

I can even stay on to the evening reception. That means these guests are greeted with a welcome and they instantly feel part of the wedding day fun.

Want to avoid the Dark Hour of the Soul on your wedding day? Just contact me.

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Romantic Magic 


There’s always special romantic magic for the bride and groom.

For most of the wedding I will be mixing with your family  and friends, amazing them with magic and mind reading. But that’s no reason for you to miss out on all the fun.

All my options include special romantic themed magic  for the bride and groom. You even get a special gift to remind you of the day.


“The romantic framed card you left us was a gorgeous touch and we’ll treasure it always.” Frances and Jonathan, Oakwell Hall, Batley


“He did a personal trick for us and it was really romantic. We will remember it forever.”  Hannah and James, Larkspur Lodge, Knutsford

How would you like some special, romantic magic on your wedding day? Just contact me by your preferred method:

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These packages are my most popular options. But we can arrange something to suit YOUR wedding day requirements. Just call me for a friendly, no obligation, chat.

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