Magic Frank named winner of the annual Hitched Wedding Awards 2024, and has been crowned as one of the best wedding professionals in the UK, a leading wedding planning platform and part of The Knot Worldwide Inc., has announced the winners of the third annual Hitched Wedding Awards. More than 23,000 wedding vendors registered on the site have all been in the running to win this acclaimed industry title. Magic Frank is one of the Hitched Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a celebration of love, unity, and the beginning of a new journey together. You want it to be memorable and magical. What better way to add some magic to your special day than by booking a wedding magician like Magic Frank? Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should consider hiring a magician, like Magic Frank, for your wedding. Unique Entertainment A wedding magician offers a

Magic has been captivating audiences for centuries, with its ability to transport us to a world of wonder and mystery. From street performers to grand stage productions, there are many different forms of magic that continue to amaze and entertain us. In this blog post, we will explore the various styles of magic and how they have evolved from the streets to the stage. Close Up Magic Close-up magic, also known as micro-magic or table magic, is a form of

Close-up magic, often regarded as one of the purest forms of magic, is a genre of magic that is performed in an intimate setting, usually within a few feet of the audience. This type of magic is often seen at events such as weddings, parties and corporate events. But what exactly is close-up magic and how does it work? In this blog post, we will dive into the world of close-up magic and uncover the secrets behind this enigmatic art

Magic has the unparalleled ability to bring people together, transcending age, background, and religion. As a seasoned magician, I, Magic Frank, have dedicated my career to perfecting the art of inclusive entertainment. Crafting a magic show that captivates every member of the audience, regardless of age or background, is a challenge I embrace with open arms. In this blog post we’ll explore my world of illusions and how I ensure that no one is left out and everyone leaves your

In Manchester’s bustling events scene, there’s a constant quest for that ‘something different.’ A unique touch that makes an event not just memorable but the talk of the town. While live bands and DJs have their charm, the trend is shifting towards adding more unique and interactive forms of entertainment. Enter mind reading – a form of entertainment where the impossible becomes possible and the boundaries of reality blur. Mind reading, with its blend of psychology, intuition, and showmanship, offers

Weddings have always been a beautiful tapestry of traditions, emotions, and celebrations. Over time, they’ve evolved to embrace love in its myriad forms, reflecting the diverse tapestry of our society. In Manchester and beyond, couples are coming together to celebrate their unique love stories, each with its own flavour and flair. Now, amidst the floral arrangements, the heartfelt vows, and the clinking champagne glasses, there’s an element that’s fast becoming a wedding staple: magic. It’s not just about pulling a

Close-up magic, also referred to as ‘table magic’ is a style of magic that is performed directly in front of the audience, giving them an up-close, personal and interactive experience. Unlike stage magic, where the audience is physically separated from the performer, close up magicians thrive off the excitement and reactions of those watching. Their tricks and illusions are designed to defy logic and challenge the senses, leaving audiences puzzled and amazed. In this blog post, we delve into the

Charity galas are special events that can significantly contribute to the lifeblood of any non-profit organisation. They serve a dual purpose: raising essential funds for important causes and offering a platform to communicate a powerful message about the charity’s work. However, these occasions are also social events where attendees expect to be entertained and engaged, and that’s where the significance of making them memorable comes in. Imagine elevating your charity gala from a standard affair to an extraordinary event that

Building a cohesive and collaborative team is more important than ever in today’s corporate environments. With diverse skills, backgrounds, and perspectives, a well-connected team can drive innovation, boost productivity, and create a more enjoyable working environment. But how do you foster these strong connections? Traditional team-building activities can sometimes feel forced or mundane. Enter the unique, engaging, and entirely unexpected solution: a magician. Yes, you read that correctly. A magician – specifically, a Manchester-based magician, if your team building day