Well, after the booking desert caused by the pandemic, suddenly I have had a deluge of engagements. And I am loving it. It’s simply wonderful to be back, performing magic in person. I enjoyed the Zoom magic and there is a place for it. However, for me there is nothing to compare to performing magic close up, surrounded and where I can see the whites of the audience’s eyes. Quite a few people now having wedding parties taking place

Hi, When stars like Julia Roberts and Naomi Campbell attend a red-carpet event, they are usually seen wearing a stunning outfit created by a top designer especially for them. Let’s face it, they would probably look just as great dressed in something off the peg from Marks and Spencer. So why bother with a designer outfit? Well, stars know their fans expect them to look great. So, out of respect for them, they make the extra effort to look outstanding.

Say ‘magician’ to many people and, at best, they imagine a man in a cape, with a top hat, bunny rabbit and a pack of cards. At worst, it’s their uncle pulling coins from behind ears. Or, even worse, getting you to pick a card, then laying out the deck in seven rows and having you indicate which row you card is in, gathering the cards, laying them out, having you indicate which row your card is in…again..and again..and agian.

Well, the lockdown rules have lifted enough for me to be back in action.   Kick Off Things kicked off last weekend. I perfomed strolling close up at Alex’s 40th birthday party on the Saturday. This included some special bespoke magic for Alex, designed  around his hobbies and interests. His wife, Sarah, booked me. Here’s what she said about me The Next day I was at Aaron’s Las Vegas themed party for his 40th, too. Covid restricitons meant he had

I offer a personalised, bespoke magic option. What does this actually mean? Well, I design some magic based on what you tell me about the special party guest, such as  your spouse or fiance/fiancee.   An Example A personalised magic trick might look like this: I hand her a sealed  envelope to keep. Next she selects a number from 1 to 100.  I show her a list of 100 holiday destinations. Every number is different. Beside the number she chose

Number 2 in my series about what magicians do. Mind Readers. More often we call ourselves a mentalist these days. Because we do a lot more than reveal something an audience member is thinking about. At a mind reader’s performance you will see any number of things happen that employ the power of the mind. Here’s two examples to start you off. Psychological influence. I always begin  my show by a demonstration of the power of psychological influence. I have

Say the word ‘Magician’ and  what do you imagine? Magicians: many people envisage a man in a tuxedo, possibly with a cape and top hat. He’s probably performing magic with some doves, a rabbit, playing cards…or he is sawing a woman in half.   These traditional images are a far cry from most modern magicians. Yes, the men often wear suits but they will most likely be the type worn in an office. Or, perhaps a bit of hipster 3

Magician or Mind Reader (Mentalist).   What is the difference, and which should you book for your party? Magician or Mind Reader: Magicians Magician or mind reader: which should I book? That is the question. Generally speaking, magicians will perform tricks on stage and/or close up. These will usually involve items such a playing cards; cups and balls; personal items such as rings, wallets; money and dice. They may accompany the magic with stories or themes like gambling. Most modern

From time to time fans ask show biz stars like me and Keanu to be photographed with us. Sometimes this involves putting your arms around a woman’s waist. I noticed that when Keanu does this he holds his hands in a way so that he is not grabbing hold of the woman. I thought this was great etiquette. Here’s Kneau     Here’s me following Kneau’s example.