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  The Magners’ Cider Secret Orchard events are where the company has booked major bands to entertain fans of Magners’ cider. The secret garden event is an offshoot takes the idea that when we think about cider we think of it a summer drink to be enjoyed in our gardens. Of course, many don’t have a garden. So, Magners’ cider hired some beautiful gardens for an afternoon with entertainment and drinks provided. Then they invited locals to apply for tickets.

    Here’s a photo of me preparing to perform table magc at Corinne and Andy’s wedding. The event took place at the wonderful Ruthin Castle. At weddings I usually entertain at the table between courses and over coffee and dessert. There’s always a special table show for the bride and groom.    

  My birthday is in early January and this year, my wife bought me tickets to see Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley in Cabaret. Pricey, it’s true…and it wasn’t even a combined Christmas and Birthday present! It was one of the best productions I have ever seen…and I have seen a lot of plays. From the moment you enter the theatre, you are transported back to the demi-monde of a seedy German nightclub of the 1930’s. The acting, the staging

  David Beckham was paid millions to play football. Yet, in the clip below you can see him miss a penalty. It’s not that the penalty was saved. That would be disappointing enough. No, he sends it rocketing over the crossbar: schoolboy stuff. Occasionally –very– a trick I perform goes wrong. What is my reaction? You might imagine it is embarrassment. Actually, what I feel is pity that that my guest is going to miss out on the WOW moment

The next thing I needed to do was created an improvised studio. Now we are ’empty-nesters’ I can use one of the boys’ bedrooms. It’s quick to set up but, viewed from outside, it does not look in the least bit glamorous or showbiz! However, it’s completly different when seen through the camera lens: What are the cards all about? Find out more here:         

  Apart performing magic (Let’s be honest: I love an audience)    my other great passion in life is reading.   I’ve been a book worm all my life. My mum told me that my first teacher said she had never met a child as determined to learn how to read as I was. I would spend days as a teenager in the local library. Unless I must keep an appointment, plane or train delays never bother me. It’s the

My new close up pad. I have never used them before but now I am uploading more videos I thought one would improve the presentation.

  I hope you are keeping well and coping with the restrictions now placed on everyone. It’s all too easy to dwell on the negatives in these circumstances. However I want to share a piece of good, personal news. From time to time I work as a supporting artist on TV programmes. The last couple of weeks have seen me in the background at the Still Water Retirement Complex on Coronation Street. This programme has been I the background my entire

Here’s a short video post about what a magician does and how I feel about it.     It’s fantastic creating reactions and memories like this:   Don’t just take my word for it. Watch video testimonials HERE     Copyright Magic Frank 2021 Magician, Mentalist And Party Specialist in Manchester, The North West and across the UK  

Can you make my wife disappear? Somebody asks me this at just about every event I do. If the wife is not present, I usually reply, “Well, I would like to help but she has already paid me to make you disappear.” If his wife is there I say, “I’m not sure. Let me try first on your daughter here.” Can you predict the winning lottery numbers? I rapidly reel off a series of numbers (far too quick for anyone