Beckham, The Missed Penalty and Magic Frank


David Beckham was paid millions to play football. Yet, in the clip below you can see him miss a penalty.

It’s not that the penalty was saved. That would be disappointing enough.

No, he sends it rocketing over the crossbar: schoolboy stuff.

Occasionally –very– a trick I perform goes wrong.

What is my reaction?

You might imagine it is embarrassment.

Actually, what I feel is pity that that my guest is going to miss out on the WOW moment of magic.

And the reason I perform magic is that I love it when people experience that moment.

When I do my post show analysis at home, I will reflect on why something went wrong.

From there I work out a strategy to avoid repeating my error.

As a professional, it annoys me when I make a mistake. But I can take consolation in the fact that while it looms large in my mind, the audience will probably have forgotten all about it by the time they get home!

And if that doesn’t make me feel better…I can watch this clip.