Dinner Parties: The Lockdown Blues #1

No, we can’t have the usual gang over during lockdown for a sophisticated dinner party…


drunk at a party

Our Lifestyle Was Like Something From The Observer Magazine

…or having a bite to eat as it is more commonly known.

Luckily, you know that the arrival of Zoom means that we don’t need to condemn ourselves to a life of social isolation.

So you think: I’ll just schedule a  Zoom meeting with some friends and we can all share a meal virtually.

Then you think: I know. I’ll arrange for some online entertainment. I love magic. I’ll book Dynamo!

And then you find he’s in the £30K – £100K price range and you think: Bugger that for a game of soldiers. They can play charades instead.


Despair not.


Despair at not having a dinner party

               This is SO unfair

There is no need to abandon your dreams.


My magic ‘Taster Menu’ is the perfect solution.

It’s 20 minutes of interactive magic and mind-reading.

Book it before dinner, between courses or over dessert and coffee.

My magic is outstanding (check out video reviews here: www.magicfrank.co.uk/media)

It’s interactive and entertaining.

Its highly affordable…and I have a better beard than Dynamo

Book with confidence: Contact me now and you can try before you buy.

Mobile: 07981 853 155

Email: Farrell.francis@gmail.com


Other packages available to suit your needs.