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  Well, for the time being dinner parties are a thing of the past. Unless, of course, you decide to hold a VIRTUAL dinner party. It’s quite simple. Say three couples join in. Each prepares one dish.  Somebody acts as courier, dropping off and picking up dishes. Once home, dinners can be warmed and the Zoom meeting started up. Before, during and after the meal there are plenty of opportunities for games, quizzes etc.  And, if you fancy a bit

    Special birthdays and anniversaries are too important to go unmarked, even in these unusual times. If you are planning a small ‘bubble’ party for yourself or a loved one, you can still make it remarkable. It doesn’t matter how small the numbers or the size of the room. Just book my private magic and mind-reading parlour show. Find out more below:      

..and it’s time to face the challenges of the post lockdown landscape.   For me, it’s how do I perform my type of Magic So Close Up You Can See The Whites of Their Eyes… and yet maintain social distance?   The answer is simple:   I don’t.     Instead I offer two alternative services. An old favourite and a ‘Johnny come lately’.   Trusty Favourite: The Magic Show. Basically, I take over one end of a room or

    The Midas Experience  “The golden touch is no blessing,” cried Midas.    The Midas Experience is my mind-reading show. I combine astonishing mentalism with thought provoking questions about possessing extraordinary powers. The Midas Experience takes a fresh approach to mind-reading entertainment. How? By grippping the emotions AND the intellect. The audience witness incredible feats of mind manipulation, prediction, synchronicity and mind-reading. Some volunteers will even explore their own psychic abilities. But The Midas Experience is different to the

    Types of Magical Entertainment An extract from my free guide to booking a magician. Link at the foot of the post.   When you start looking at magician’s websites you will notice most choices of types of magic. Here are the most common terms and what they mean. Close-up Magic: This happens very close to the audience, often in their hands. Close-up magic is also known as Mix and Mingle. The magician joins your guests. He moves around

My party is too small for a Magician “My party is too small to make it worth booking a magician.” This is something you may be thinking if you are arranging a small  party for less than 20 people. Perhaps it is a special birthday but you don’t want to book a hall and invite everybody you know. Not everyone enjoys the fuss and attention of a large party. Not everybody has a budget that will stretch to a hall,

I always emphasise to clients is that I am a ‘magician who can entertain people of all ages.‘ What do I mean by this? Family Occasions First, take a typical wedding reception. It is quite common to have the couples’ parents, grandparents,  nephews and nieces. Their ages can range from 84 to 4: people of all ages. This applies to all sorts of family occasions. For example, Ruby/Silver wedding anniversary parties, 90th birthday parties, 18th birthday parties and christenings. All

I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the Wycliffe Hotel entertaining Doreen and her guests. Everybody gathered to celebrate her 90th birthday. Doreen -or Dors as she is known to her family- is inspirational. She is sprightly, engaging and has a lively mind. You think to yourself: I hope that’s how I will be if I make it to my nineties. By the time I arrived they had finished eating. The staff, who were efficient and extremely helpful, were serving coffee.

What is The Secret Room? The Secret Room is an interesting alternative to strolling close-up and strolling magic. This is the latest development in magical presentation. It’s ideal for people wanting to throw a party that is just that little bit different.  Afterwards guests will be telling all their friends about the special event that happened at your party. How Does It Work? A private room is picked as The Secret Room. It doesn’t have to be spacious: a bedroom

  Here are three things a wedding magician can bring to your wedding. First, as everybody gathers for the wedding and waits for the couple to arrive, a wedding magician can perform stroll around magic. This brings families and friends together. Of course, the immediate family will almost certainly have already met. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends probably won’t have. A wedding magician can perform tricks to small groups of people. We don’t just show guests tricks, though. We engage