Wedding Album Magic

women ith open hands surproised at magic trick. Great for a wedding album


Looking for ideas for your wedding album?

If you’re booking a professional wedding photographer s/he will already have plenty of ideas for your wedding album. They already know exactly the shots to take that will capture the romance of the occasion. That’s one part of being a professional.

They will also know how to take photos of your family and friends enjoying themselves on the day. All these will be included in your wedding album for you to cherish in the future.


Here’s a simple way to provide your photographer with great images for your wedding album.

A simple strategy to create fantastic photographic moments for your wedding album is to book a magician: preferably me: Magic Frank 😉

Magicians are there to entertain the guests. We aim to create fantastic reactions through our magic.

These provide excellent opportunities for outstanding photographs for your wedding album.

child holding a card


Working Together For The Perfect Wedding Album

As a professional magician, I connect with your photographer at the start of the reception.  I arrange to give a signal when a particularly photographic moment is about to happen. That way, the photographer will understand to linger a while for the right moment.

As the reception progresses, the photographer can anticipate these moments and select the right angle to get the best shot.


Magic Frank and Simon Miller

That’s exactly how Si Miller ( and I worked together at a recent wedding. 

These photos aren’t about me (just as well with my face).

They’re about the guests. The bride and groom now have a wonderful record of their family and friends totally enjoying themselves. These are in their wedding album for them to look at in the years to come.

Wedding Album Images of Guests of all Ages

Si captures both adults and children enjoying my magic.

mother and son enjoying magic. Great image for a wedding album

Guests of All Ages Loving The Magic


Bringing Everybody Together

Si has waited for a moment when I am working with a groups. The magic draws everyone together. That’s why it’s such a perfect ice-breaker.


magician at table wiht card in mouth. Ideas for wedding album

 The whole table joins in the fun


stroling magic. Ideas for wedding album

Simon captures just the right moment


Candid Photos For Your Wedding Album

Professional photographers know that sometimes it’s best to look AWAY from the main action.

Look at the wonderful expressions Si has captured here:


women with amazing facial reaction to magic. Ideas for wedding album.

Capturing an off-beat moment


open mouthed guests watching magic show. Great image for a wedding album.

Si Captures Reactions At Another Off Beat Moment


smiling groom in unusual framing.

Si’s Daring Framing Captures the Groom’s Expression


Wedding Album Images of Everybody Involved

I design my magic  so that people engage with me and the magic. It’s not about watching me. 

It’s all about you and your guests.


women pointing at magician. Great image for a wedding album.

It’s In His Mouth!


smiling bride. Great image for a wedding album.

Bride Enjoying the Magic


groom pointing at magician.

Groom Engaged in the Magic


bride and groom enjoyig magic trick.

Romantic Magic



Thank You Simon

It was such a privilege to meet and work with Si. He’s a genuinely nice guy and a talented photographer. These shots capture some of the moments (he took many more) when I was creating the type of reactions in guests that are the reason I do what I do.


If you’re thinking of booking a photographer, Si’s website address is above. You can also see more of his work on Instagram and Facebook: @simillerphotography 

Now you know why booking a magician is a great way to create outstanding moments for your wedding album, why not find out a bit more about me? Just click HERE


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