Wedding Facts And Figures. Number 7 Surprised Me

facts and figures about weddings

Hitched Magazine surveyed newly wed couples in 2019

Here are some key facts and figures about the average wedding

How does yours compare?


  1. The average total cost of a wedding was £31,974. In order of cost the money was spent:




Engagement Ring



Hmmm. No mention of entertainment such as –ahem magicians-  here. Perhaps it is part of the venue cost.


  1. Barns and Farms were the most popular venues


I wonder whether these venues are more ‘open’ and therefore Covid friendly.


  1. Maldives were the most popular destination


I suppose nobody much minds being quarantined together on their honeymoon!


  1. Average age of the bride was 32 and the grooms were 34


  1. The average number of daytime guests was 82 and 103 In the evenings


With a magician to fill in the gap between I hope!


  1. 4/10 couple became engaged on holiday


  1. 75% decided to take their partner’s surname


Of all the wedding facts and figures, this is the one that surprised me as I’d assumed it was something that was falling out of fashion. I always perform special romantic themed magic for the bride and groom.  For one piece of magic, I ask the bride whether she is going to change her surname. I ‘ve found most say no.


  1. The average hen party cost £472 and for the stags it as £552

That’s a lot of Prosecco and Jack Daniels


wedding facts and figures alcohol too much


  1. The average number of bridesmaids/groomsmen was 3


  1. Average cost of a wedding dress was £1313



Read the full survey HERE


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