Frank can make your wedding day the greatest day of your life and help celebrate in style by introducing a professional close-up magician into the occasion.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Have Frank at your next corporate event, It is a fantastic way to entertain or engage your client, sponsor, or even market your products.

Private Parties

Private Parties

If your are looking for party entertainment for adults, then hire a Frank as your close-up magician who will help make your party, dinner or private event unforgettable.

Magic Frank Says Relax…


…You can rely on me.

You care about your guests. You want to make your party special and different.That’s why you are looking on the internet for a magician.

You need someone you can rely on to deliver a professional standard service.

Someone who inspires your trust.

Get it right and everybody is going to be talking about your event for a long time.

Get it wrong and you will be left feeling disappointed, embarrassed and out of pocket.

So how do you pick the right magician for you?

Here are some questions you’re probably asking yourself.

How Do I Know Whether the Magic Will Be Any Good?

A key question. After all, any teenager can learn a few tricks off You Tube. That doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and understanding to turn the trick into an entertaining performance for your guests.

Magic Frank is a member of the world famous Magic Circle. The entrance exam is rigorous. So you know he will only be showing your family, friends, colleagues or clients amazing magic.

Has the Magician Got Any Real World Experience?


Priave events magic

This Is How Your Guest’s Face Should Look

It’s one thing to ‘perform’ magic alone in your bedroom or only in front of family and friends. It’s quite another to go out and perform to a group of complete strangers.

You need to ask: have they got the repertoire that means they can entertain everyone at the party from a five year old to a senior citizen?

Do they possess the practical experience of knowing how to perform to an entire table of people? Or when surrounded? Or what to do when guests are standing holding drinks?

Can they manage the Alpha Male?

How will they react if  -more likely when–  a guest has had a little too much liquid celebration?!

Magic Frank is an experienced working magician. He has entertained in all types of situations (eg house parties, garden marquees, in restaurants and hotels) and for a wide variety of people…including the alpha and the tipsy! Frank will be able to entertain all your guests, no matter what their age.

It doesn’t matter whether guests are standing enjoying a cocktail or seated at their dinner table. They may be grandchildren or grandparents. Magic Frank is there to to amaze them with his incredible magic and mind-reading.

His experience, magical knowledge and gentle humour enable him to mix smoothly with everybody and manage whatever circumstances arise.

That leaves you free to attend to running the party. Or even better, relaxing and enjoying yourself!

Every client has different requirements regarding when, where and for how long they need an entertainer. Frank will disucss there details with you -ready to offer friendly advice if asked- and then create a programe unique to your event. Booking Frank is like buying bespoke instead of off the peg.

Click Recommendations to watch video testimonials from a wide range of delighted clients.

How do I know he will be worth it?

The important thing here is: does the magician think s/he is worth it? If they do, they will be happy to offer a money back guarantee if you ask.

Magic Frank offers a no-quibble money back guarantee as standard. So, you can rest assured your entertainment investment is safe.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning an intimate family gathering or a corporate banquet. Frank’s amazing magic, gentle humour and easy going personality mean you and your guests are going to have a great time. Guaranteed. That’s why he’s in constant demand.

If you are looking for somebody you can RELY on to:

  • astonish your guests with amazing magic and mind-reading
  • have everybody talking about your event for ages to come
  • charm and delight people of all ages
  • care enough to create a bespoke service just for you
  • guarantee satisfaction or your money back

then Magic Frank is the answer to your needs. Your dependable choice.

He has a range of options to suit most reasonable budgets.

Click HERE to submit your details and Magic Frank will reply by the following day, if not sooner.

Or call him directly. No high-pressure sales talk. That’s simply not his style. Just a friendly ten minute chat to see what he can do for you. 07981853155

Thank you for sharing your magic at my 40th birthday party last weekend. I was really impressed with the way you discreetly moved around the bar and effortlessly entertained young and old with your amazing card and mind reading tricks. All the guests were both amazed and amused. - Tara


Frank was absolutely fantastic, and our wedding guests were completely mesmerized by his tricks! He’s very entertaining, and must be doing something right if he can keep the attention of both young and old alike. I wouldn’t hesitate to book him again. - Adrian Tognarell