Celebrate the most magical day of your life in style by introducing a professional close-up magician into the occasion.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Magic is a fantastic way to entertain or engage your client, sponsor, or even market your products.

Private Parties

Private Parties

From an intimate dinner for a few friends to a major birthday or anniversary celebration, magic will make your party, dinner or private event unforgettable.

Whether You Want to Earn Bragging Rights Over Your Friends 


Just Guarantee Your Party Isn’t a Flop

Here are the reasons why you need to book party magician Magic Frank

If you have just asked Google for a ‘close up party magician near me’ the question is: why should you book a balding gentleman like myself and not some other magician for your party.

Someone young, dashing and with a full head of hair?

Apart from being an all-round nice, dapper, chap, what else have I got to offer?

I Won’t Let You Down In Front of Your Friends and Family (or Boss!)

Here are THREE important reasons why booking me means you can relax confident that you’ve just booked a Manchester party magician who will impress everybody…especially that lot next door. 


First, I am a party specialist.

Unlike other many other magicians, I don’t spread my time and skills across trade shows, hypnotism, children’s parties, TV consultancy, magic competitions and lecture tours. 

I am an expert party magician.

Which means everyone at your party will have a great time.


A typical wedding or an anniversary may have guests aged from 8 to 80. Not everyone enjoys the same type of magic trick.

I have the right type of magic for everybody at your party.

From hyperactive five-year-old to moody teenager to venerable grandparents, everybody is included in the fun. Nobody feels bored and left out.

All the guests at my son’s Christening, young and old, were thoroughly entertained by Magic Frank!  Vicki

Just imagine how you will feel when everybody is thanking YOU for booking ME to astonish THEM.



He was very, very professional. Zohaib and Huma

Second, I provide a professional service.

Booking me means you know you will have somebody who can add the right touch of class your occasion deserves

This service begins from the moment you contact me when I send you my free guide to booking a party magician.

We discuss your party needs in detail. I LISTEN to you to find out all about what you are hoping magic will add to your party.

Don’t worry if you are not exactly -or even vaguely- sure what you want yet. I have enough experience to help you decide exactly what is right for your party.

Frank was brilliant to deal with before the event, suggested some ideas based on his experience and made the whole process easy.Tony

Then I will put together the right package for your event.

If you like it, you simply pay a £100 deposit and the date is all yours.

I won’t take any other bookings for that date.

So, if things are running late or you need to change the timings, I WON’T need to leave to get to my next client. So, you can relax and be sure the your party is going to go just as you’d planned after all.


On the date you can rely on me to arrive early. So, if there is an unexpected hitch (which, let’s face it, has been known to happen)…

Image suggesting a problem has cropped up. Booking Magic Frank wil help you deal with the issue.

               Anticipating The Unexpected

I can entertain the guests immediately. That leaves you free to concentrate on sorting things out.


Amusing image of somebody resolving a problem while Magic Frank entertians the guests.

                This is you, sorting things out.

I will be a smartly dressed and groomed old duffer, dressed to respect your occasion.

No sign of  fashionably ripped jeans. I will even comb my beard for you.

              Scrubs Up Well

You can be confident that I am not going to perform any inappropriate magic like THIS. Though that can be arranged, if you so require!


Advice for anybody thinking of hiring a magician but worried their party is too small or that a magician won't take a one hour booking.

     Magic Frank does have a cheeky side!



Third, book me and relax because you know I have the right credentials.  

I qualified to be admitted to the prestigious Magic Circle. You can be confident that you are booking top quality magic.

Booking me is not like getting your favourite Uncle to pull coins from ears. Although, I admit, I do look a bit like an uncle!

Of course, you can save money by booking a beginner. But you might lose face if this is the standard of what they do all evening:

magician performiNg silly trick

 Booking a beginner carries  risks

I am fully insured. In the unlikely event that I knock a glass of red wine all over your expensive carpet or a wedding dress I can pay for the repairs. I have comprehensive insurance through my membership of the actors’ union, Equity.

I have a current DBS. So, you have no safeguarding issues if there are children or vulnerable guests at the party.

From start to finish communication was amazing, on email and also on the phone. Lauren and Nick



But you don’t just have to take my word for it.

You can watch what my previous clients from across Manchester have to say about me.

Just click HERE

They are happy to recommend me because they didn’t want their party to be boring…and it wasn’t.

I provided a fully professonal service from start to finish.

I made their party stand out from all the others.

And I would love to do the same for you.



That’s not the face of an old duffer at the top of the page. Well, not just.

It’s the face of experience. Experience which I could be sharing at your party.

I’m the type of friendly, unassuming chap that chats easily with your children, relatives, colleagues, tax inspector

(Tax Inspector? Alright, Frank, let’s not stretch the imagination too far.)

… and then amazes everyone with incredible magic and mind-reading.

My expertise, magical know-how, gentle self-deprecating humour (although I’m not very good at it to be honest), amazing looks

(Alright, Frank, this is not a Tinder advert.)

enable me to mix smoothly with everybody and manage whatever circumstances arise.

That leaves you free to attend to running the party.

Or even better, to relax and enjoy yourself


  • Entertain all ages with quality magic delivered with gentle humour
  • Personalise the magic for your needs
  • Provide a professional service
  • Take a few glasses back to the bar

Then I am here to help. I have a range of options to suit most reasonable budgets. Click HERE and check my availability for your event.

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magic circle logo. Manchester Magician Magic Frank is a member.


One of Manchester Magician Magic Frank's awards


One of Manchester Magician Magic Frank's awards.