Celebrate the most magical day of your life in style by introducing a professional close-up magician into the occasion.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Magic is a fantastic way to entertain or engage your client, sponsor, or even market your products.

Private Parties

Private Parties

From an intimate dinner for a few friends to a major birthday or anniversary celebration, magic will make your party, dinner or private event unforgettable.


Magician, Mentalist and All Round Nice Chap

Obviously you want to book a magician or you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

How about that for mind reading?

So, the question is: why should you book a bald old duffer like me and not some young, dashing magician with a full head of hair?

Apart from being an all-round nice chap, what else have I got to offer?





As a specialist in family events, I am highly skilled at amazing people of all ages. A wedding or an anniversary may have guests aged from 8 to 80.

With my years of experience, I can select different magic which is appealing for every age group.

From hyperactive five-year-old to moody teenager to venerable grandparents, everybody is included in the fun.

All the guests at my son’s Christening, young and old, were thoroughly entertained by Magic Frank!  Vicki

For example, something visual involving disappearing cups and balls for a youngster.

Bending a coin using mind power for a teenager.

Magic revolving around romance for couples of all ages.

You can rest assured that all your guests will see some magic they can enjoy.



He was very, very professional. Zohaib and Huma

Before the party we will discuss your party needs in detail. Don’t worry if you are not exactly -or even vaguely- sure what you want. I have enough experience for both of us.

Frank was brilliant to deal with before the event, suggested some ideas based on his experience and made the whole process easy. Tony

On the date you can rely on me to arrive early. So, if there is an unexpected hitch, I can entertain the guests immediately. That leaves you free to concentrate on sorting things out.

I will be a smartly dressed and groomed old duffer, with no egg on my tie. I will even comb my beard.

You can be confident that I am not going to perform any ‘inappropriate’ magic. Though that can be arranged, if you so require!

From start to finish communication was amazing, on email and also on the phone. Lauren and Nick


But you don’t just have to take my word for it.

You can watch what my previous clients have to say about me.

I record videos just before I leave. Quite often you can hear the party still going on in the background.

Just click HERE

They are happy to recommend me because I delighted their family and friends. I made their party stand out from all the others.

And I would love to do the same for you.


Wait a minute…I’m getting some impressions from your mind coming through…something about …something about…

All well and good Frank, but what I want to know is: what’s this going to set me back? Your Name Here

Well, the last thing either of us wants during a phone call is an awkward clearing of the throat, followed by an embarrassed silence, which is in turn followed by, I just need to speak to my partner and I will get back to you.

Indeed, you won’t.

So I have made it really simple for you.

You can check out my fees HERE

By the way, if you were expecting to pay more, just let me know and I can bump it up a bit.

But if that’s not enough to convince you…





That’s not the face of an old duffer at the top of the page. Well, not just.

It’s the face of experience. Experience which I could be sharing at your party.

I’m the type of friendly, unassuming chap that chats easily with your children, relatives, colleagues, tax inspector


(Tax Inspector? Alright, Frank, let’s not stretch the imagination too far.)


…and then amazes everyone with incredible magic and mind-reading.


My expertise, magical know-how, gentle self-deprecating humour (although I’m not very good at it to be honest), amazing looks

(Alright, Frank, this is not a Tinder advert.)

enable me to mix smoothly with everybody and manage whatever circumstances arise.

That leaves you free to attend to running the party.

Or even better, to relax and enjoy yourself!




  • Entertain all ages with quality magic delivered with gentle humour
  • Personalise the magic for your needs
  • Provide a professional service
  • Take a few glasses back to the bar

Then I am here to help. I have a range of options to suit most reasonable budgets. Click HERE and check my avalability for your event.




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