Celebrate the most magical day of your life in style by introducing a professional close-up magician into the occasion.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Magic is a fantastic way to entertain or engage your client, sponsor, or even market your products.

Private Parties

Private Parties

From an intimate dinner for a few friends to a major birthday or anniversary celebration, magic will make your party, dinner or private event unforgettable.


Magician, Mentalist and All Round Nice Bloke

Hi. My name is Magic Frank and I specialise in performing magic at special social occasions. This means I DO perform magic at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, special dinners etc. I DON’T do Motivational Speaking, Hypnotism, Trade Shows or Escaping from Straitjackets.

Because I stick to one thing, I can advise you on how long to book me for (often less than people imagine) ; when I should perform and whether close-up, stage show or combination of both will be best for your occasion. All based on years of practical experience.



If you are one of those people easily impressed by slick video editing of a moody-looking magician juggling cards in a dark urban alley accompanied by over-dramatic music, well this probably isn’t the website for you.

Over the years, I have worked quietly and successfully to build an enviable reputation amongst a more discerning clientele

I work with people who understand the difference between style and substance. They booked me because my reviews say over and over again that I have delivered great magic to people of all ages. That I have been professional in every respect. I have been flexible when the situation demanded. That I have been easy to work with. The type of all round nice guy that chats easily with your children, relatives and boss…and then stuns them with some amazing magic and mind-reading.

I cater for people seeking a premium service when the occasion is important and there are people they want to impress.

Does that sound like what you are looking for? Then contact me for a friendly chat. 

And just to make it all really easy, you can check out my fees here.






As a specialist in family events, I am highly skilled at amazing people of all ages.

For example, a wedding may have guests aged from 8 to 80. My extensive repertoire means I can select different magic which is appealing for every age group:

Something visual involving cups and balls for a youngster; a coin bending between the palms for a teenager; magic revolving around romance for couples and distant memories revealed for senior members of the party.


All the guests at my son’s Christening, young and old, were thoroughly entertained by Magic Frank!


I am an experienced, working magician. I have entertained in all types of situations (eg house parties, marquees, restaurants and hotels).

My expertise, magical knowledge and gentle humour enable me to mix smoothly with everybody and manage whatever circumstances arise. That leaves you free to attend to running the party. Or even better, relaxing and enjoying yourself!

Every client has different requirements. I will disucss there details with you -ready to offer friendly advice based on my experience- and then create a programme unique to your event.


Frank was brilliant to deal with before the event, suggested some ideas based on his experience and made the whole process easy.



I offer a no-quibble money back guarantee as standard. So, you can rest assured your entertainment investment is safe.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning an intimate family gathering or a corporate banquet. My amazing magic, gentle humour and easy going personality mean you and your guests are going to have a great time. Guaranteed. That’s why I am in constant demand.

If you are looking for somebody you can RELY on to:

  • Astonish with magic and mind-reading delivered with kindness
  • Have everybody talking about your event for ages to come
  • Delight family, friends or colleagues of all ages
  • Care enough to create a bespoke service just for you
  • Guarantee satisfaction or your money back

Then I am the answer to your needs. I have a range of options to suit most reasonable budgets. I am available for a select number of performances each month. Click HERE and check my avalability for your event.