How Much Does A Wedding Magician Cost?

how much does it cost to book a wedding magician


So, you’ve Googled, “How much does a wedding magician cost to hire for a wedding reception?” and clicked my link. Thank you.

Without beating about the bush, if you are reading this then the answer to your question, “how much does a wedding cost to hire” is: I think you should expect to pay between £250 and £550 to hire a wedding magician in Manchester and across the North West. Prices will be higher in London.

What do you mean, ‘If you are reading this?’

Well, if you’re thinking of booking Dynamo or Derren Brown then you’re probably so wealthy you don’t even need to ask the price. So you probably didn’t even google the question.

If that’s the case and you ARE reading this, then you are probably a PA who has been asked to make the booking.

Please pass on my congratulations on your employer’s success. And if they’re ever thinking of throwing a staff party and are looking for a magician to entertain…well, you know where to come.


But I am of modest circumstances and need to ask how much does a wedding magician cost.

So, you want to know what it will set you back and what you’re going get for your dosh

Broadly speaking this will depend on the interplay of three main factors:

How Much Does A Wedding Magician Cost: Different Packages

Most magician will offer three packages: Drinks reception, After dinner and the Entire Day.

Drinks reception

Caters for that 45–90-minute space between the end of the ceremony and when the guests sit down to eat.

Most likely, this will be the most expensive option, even though it is the shortest.

That’s because if the magician is booked with you at, say, 1pm for an hour, that effectively ties up the afternoon and so blocks out attending any other weddings unless it is an evening reception and within comfortable driving distance.

Wedding Breakfast

The next option is likely to be at the end of the wedding breakfast, over coffee and dessert. This will usually be table magic but could be a show.

Magicians don’t usually perform while people are eating their dinner but may offer to perform between courses. This can be extremely helpful if there is a delay in service.

A variation on this is where the magician entertains in the space between the end of the meal and the arrival of the evening guests and the start of the dancing.


The third option is usually to combine both. You have a magician to entertain your guest at all the quiet pits (at drinks reception and between the breakfast and the dancing).

They will be seeing distinct types of magic: close up strolling and a table show. This package will often be the best value for money option.

How much Does A Wedding Magician Cost: Different Times

The next factor is when the wedding is happening. The laws of supply and demand operate here as in any other market. You can expect to pay more on a Saturday after in July than a Wednesday afternoon in February.


How Much Does A Wedding Magician Cost:Different Magicians

Most magicians are semi-professional.

 This does not reflect their standard. Most professional magicians start out that way. It just means that their main source of income lies elsewhere.

I began as a semi-professional, earning my main income as a teacher. This meant that I wasn’t relying on magic to pay my mortgage. I could charge a slightly lower rate than a professional.

A professional magician only has magic as their source of revenue.

 So, if they have been doing it for any length of time, they must be exceptionally good and will be charging top rates.

But I know somebody who got one for £100.

Of course. When magicians start out, they need to get bookings so will often work for free or very little. The chances are they are young and still living at home, so have low overheads.

They may go on to be successful professional magicians.

The risk for you is that they are learning their trade at YOUR wedding,

So, you may well get value for money, but you can’t rest assured that your guests are going to enjoy the quality of magical entertainment they deserve at an important occasion like this.

If you want to encourage a young magician, it might be a safer bet to book them for a summer BBQ or a New Years Eve party where the occasion is not so important.


What now?

My advice is not to be impressed by flashy websites They tell you a lot about the web designer but perhaps not so much about the magician.

Instead, check out the reviews of previous clients

These are people who have seen the magician in action.

As for me, I have video testimonials HERE.


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