Booking A Magician Top Tips

Booking A Magician: Top Tips

Here’s my top 4 tips if you’re thinking of booking a magician.


Booking A Magician Top Tip 1


Yes, any serious magician must have one. However, don’t be over impressed by flashy sites. They may tell you more about the website designer than the magician.


top tip avoid flashy website


Images of the magician set in a moody urban landscape with portentous music and the cards flowing out towards the camera in slow motion look fantastic.

However, that won’t be happening at your wedding reception.


There SHOULD be professionally taken photos on the website. They should show the audience having a great reaction, like this:

top tip photographs

Magic For All Ages


After all, it’s your guests that this is all about. Not the magician massaging his or her ego.


Booking A Magician Top Tip 2


When you are buying something on the internet or booking a holiday, I bet that your choice is influenced by the reviews you read.

After all, these people know the product/holiday. They then feel happy or angry enough to write a review. Your magician should have lots of glowing reviews on the website.

HOWEVER, they would hardly post the bad ones, would they?!

So look too at other places where it’s the client who posts the review. They can be found on Google Reviews, Facebook, Bark and Add to Event.


Booking A Magician Top Tip 3

Appropriate Experience

Check they have experience at performing at your type of event. Lots of delighted grooms praising the magician for what happened on the stag night might not mean they are what you need for your children’s party.

Think about your event. The ages of the guests and  their background are significant. They must be understood so that the magic is accessible and appropriate. Ignoring religious, cultural and identity context could mean guests being offended. Just imagine how that could spoil your party.

Make sure they have experience at entertaing at YOUR type of event for YOUR type of guest. 

Which is why the final tip is so important


Booking A Magician Top Tip 4


 You want a magician who understands your event and your guests. They ought to be able to offer advice, especially if you have never booked a magician before.

I know it’s tempting to just accept an offer that come in by email.

We fear that if we call the magician will put under pressure to buy and all we want to know is the price.

Well, you can read about the price you can expect to pay HERE.

But a professional won’t be trying to pressure you into booking. Instead, they will find out what you need and offer advice and a range of packages to suit your needs.

Avoid the temptation to book an ‘off the peg’ choice from somebody you haven’t even spoken with.

These are my four top tips




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