What Can a Magician Bring to Your Next Corporate Event in Manchester?

Corporate functions can be great for morale, team building, and networking. From end-of-year awards ceremonies to employee appreciation days or Christmas parties, getting staff together to celebrate a job well done is essential.

The problem is that these affairs can often become a little formulaic. A little predictable, if you will. That’s why it makes sense to enlist the services of a corporate magician to add that wow factor to your corporate event.

From your Manchester office to the lavish city-centre hotels or stately countryside homes, top-tier close-up magicians like myself can mesmerise your guests with world-class sleight of hand and mind-reading capabilities.

But apart from the obvious, what else will a corporate magician bring to your next corporate event?

Corporate Magicians Can Help Break the Ice

Whether you’re bringing departments together that don’t see each other often (or at all) or you’re looking to bring a bunch of strangers together in one room, magic has a way of breaking the ice between guests and forcing them to open up to one another.

Whether they’re joined in shock at me guessing the right card or they’re trying to guess the secret word, my corporate entertainment is sure to get people talking and laughing – all in the name of fun.

Even after I’ve left the table or group, the conversation will flow and the laughs will continue as the event goes on.

Corporate Magicians Thrive in All Environments

While some entertainment forms are only suited to certain types of events and venues, close-up magic can quite literally be performed anywhere. All I need is my skills, a pack of cards, and perhaps a few props – then I’m good to go.

So whether you’re having a team-building day in the office or hosting a glitz and glam affair at the Hilton Hotel, a professional magician can add some excitement to any style of corporate event.

Magicians Can Help Fill Voids in Proceedings at Corporate Events

Like all events, there are natural lulls in proceedings at corporate events. Whether it be speeches by managers, lengthy talks by guest speakers, or even long pauses between courses of food, this is a natural part of hosting any event.

Rather than leaving those attending feeling a little flat during those lulls, you can break things up with some of my tricks and illusions. From card tricks to mind reading, my routines can fill the gaps between proceedings and keep guests entertained until the event moves on to the next phase.

Magic Can Be Completely Tailored to Your Corporate Event’s Theme and Tone

No matter how big, small, or unique, my magic can be tailored to suit any corporate event perfectly.

Hosting dozens of C-level executives at a posh lunch? Then perhaps some high-class sleight of hand is the order of the day. Or, if you’re planning a big Christmas party, you might want to spice things up with some hilarious audience participation routines.

Either way, there’s no end to the types of entertainment and themes I can incorporate into your corporate event to make it truly memorable for your guests.

Book Manchester’s Leading Corporate Magician Today

Corporate events are great opportunities for companies to bring everyone together and celebrate employees, customers, and partners.

Adding a magician to the mix adds a little variety to the event, gets people talking, and helps forge bonds between individuals they might not otherwise get to know.

As Manchester’s leading close-up corporate magician and a member of the prestigious Magic Circle, I know what it takes to keep people engaged and entertained throughout an event – so get in touch today to see how I can help make your next event a roaring success.

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Looking forward to making your next corporate event one to remember,

Magic Frank

Photos by Lee Mclean.