What Is Bespoke Magic?

I offer a personalised, bespoke magic option.

What does this actually mean?

Well, I design some magic based on what you tell me about the special party guest, such as  your spouse or fiance/fiancee.


An Example

A personalised magic trick might look like this:

I hand her a sealed  envelope to keep.

Next she selects a number from 1 to 100. 

I show her a list of 100 holiday destinations. Every number is different. Beside the number she chose is a destination/ This ‘just happens’ to be special to her (e.g. where you first met).

If she had chosen a different number there would have been a different destination beside it.

She opens the envelope. Inside is a photo of her selected destination. 

Not Every Magician

Not every magician offers this bespoke service. The sooner you book me and we have our conversation, the longer I have to design something for the person you cherish.