Magicians: Everything You Wanted To Know. Part 2

Number 2 in my series about what magicians do.

Mind Readers.

More often we call ourselves a mentalist these days.

Because we do a lot more than reveal something an audience member is thinking about.

At a mind reader’s performance you will see any number of things happen that employ the power of the mind.

Here’s two examples to start you off.

Psychological influence.

I always begin  my show by a demonstration of the power of psychological influence.

I have two favourites.

In one I have five envelopes. One of them contains £20. Four member of the audience each pick one. That leaves me with one. The person with the envelope containing the money gets to keep it.

I am quite frank that I will use psychological techniques of body language and verbal manipulation to channel them away from the lucky envelope. Even, in fact especially, when I give them the opportunity to switch envelopes. 

The other demonstration revolves around colour psychology. 

Three different coloured envelopes this time.One member of the audience selects an envelope. The other two are opened and they say: Do not pick me. 

The one they chose says: Pick me.

So, this is a mentalist demonstrating the power of mental influence.

Next time I will give some examples of how we demonstrate the power to predict.

picture of magc frnak holding his forehead

Magic Frank; magician and Mind Reader