Magicians: Everything You Wanted To Know Part One

Say the word ‘Magician’ and  what do you imagine?

Magicians: many people envisage a man in a tuxedo, possibly with a cape and top hat. He’s probably performing magic with some doves, a rabbit, playing cards…or he is sawing a woman in half.


magicians with top hat and rabbit

                Traditional Magician

These traditional images are a far cry from most modern magicians.

Yes, the men often wear suits but they will most likely be the type worn in an office. Or, perhaps a bit of hipster 3 piece heavy tweed.

We are just as likely to be wearing a smart jacket and trousers. Shirt and tie. Perhaps, open necked. Possibly a polo neck jumper.

Mostly, we dress to fit  the occasion.

For me it’s a three piece for weddings, charity galas and other more formal occasions. 


magic frank smiling three piece suit

Suit for Formal Occasions.


It’s a jacket and turtleneck for lecture demonstrations and BBQ’s.


Magician on stage

                  More Casual for Lectures

The majority of magicians are still men but more and more women are joining.

No longer relegated to the role of the ‘glamorous assistant’ in a spangled leotard, they wear a wide range of styles to suit the occasion and their personality. Magicians like Laura London, for example.

As for what Magicians do…

well we’ve moved on a long way from doves and rabbits. In fact, the images I mentioned at the start are mainly associated with stage acts.

Most of our work these days is close up magic.

Therefore, everything we do has to be highly portable and easy to repeat.

In the next few posts I’ll be explaining the wide variety of magic and mind reading that you can experience, often right in front of you. And there’s a lot more to experience than you may think.


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