Back In Action

Well, the lockdown rules have lifted enough for me to be back in action.


Kick Off

Things kicked off last weekend. I perfomed strolling close up at Alex’s 40th birthday party on the Saturday. This included some special bespoke magic for Alex, designed  around his hobbies and interests.

His wife, Sarah, booked me.

Here’s what she said about me

The Next day I was at Aaron’s Las Vegas themed party for his 40th, too.

Covid restricitons meant he had to abandon his hoped-for trip to LA. Undeterred, Aaron and Sarah re-created their dream holiday in their back garden with the help of Serendipity Events.

Rounding Off May

Then on Sunday 30th May, I was in The Sitwell Arms in Renishaw. Rick and Kaye were celebrating their wedding reception.

I began with some strolling mix and mingle magic while the guests were waiting to sit for the wedding breakfast.

Table Magic

Later I re-joined the party over coffee and desserts.

I began at the top table. I always share some special romantic-themed magic with the bride and groom. For example, I ask each of them to secretly write down what attracted them to their partner.

This is then revealed when they magically locate their partner’s name from a set of cards with names on them…even though they only see the blank backs of the cards.

In this case, it was extra amazing as it turned out they had both been attracted to the same thing about their partner: their eyes. 

I also  performed some mind reading where I revealed where Rick proposed to Kaye. They were so amazed over this they even mentioned it in their review HERE.

I then circulated aroud the other tables sharing more table magic.

Table magic is slighlty different to the strolling magic from earlier. Its often like a mini show for all the table to enjoy.

Parlour Show

To round off, I performed my magic and mind-reading show. I am a  family magician but, given the occasion, Rick and Kaye agreed for me to add in a couple of pieces of more ‘adult’ magic. Nothing crude but a few saucy double-entendres.

So, it was great to be performing live magic again.


Alex and Rick were delighted they booked me. And you would be, too.

So, if you have a party on the horizon and you want to be the envy of your friends..and especially that lot next door..then simply contact me for a free quote.