Magicians: All You Want To Know. Pt 3: Metal Bending

Say ‘magician’ to many people and, at best, they imagine a man in a cape, with a top hat, bunny rabbit and a pack of cards. Probably not metal bending.

At worst, it’s their uncle pulling coins from behind ears.

Or, even worse, getting you to pick a card, then laying out the deck in seven rows and having you indicate which row you card is in, gathering the cards, laying them out, having you indicate which row your card is in…again..and again..and agian.

By the time the time he -and, let’s face it, it is nearly always is a he- has found your card you have pretty much lost the will to live.

In my earlier posts Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Magicians Part One

and Part Two I explained how professional magic has moved on from this image and what to expect when you book a modern magician.

Today I want to have a brief look at a speciality area of magic: metal bending.

Uri Geller: Master Spoon Bender

Well, the most famous metal bender is easily Uri Geller. He took the world by storm in the 1970’s with his demosntrations of spoon and fork bending.

It was his signature trick.

You can watch him here:

Except he never accepted it was a trick, insisting he really does process psychic powers. In fact, powers that we all have.

He would sometime arrange events to channel them with the wider audience on TV or radio all using their mind power to bend spoons or stop watches. Some viewers even claimed success.

He was, and remains, a master of the public event.

Spoon Bending At your Event

But you don’t have to book Uri Geller to see this trick. Which is just as well because I believe he is extremely expensive.

Many magicians and mind readers bend spoons (‘borrowed’ from the restaurant) or car keys (theirs, not yours!)

I bend coins. Or more accurately, I help people to bend a coin using their mind power.

We take a coin and you sign it and add a small image/design. This identifies the coin as uniquely yours.

Then you draw this image on the back of a business card. Hold the coin in your hands. I bend the signed business card and you imagine the coin bending simultaneously.

Open your hand to reveal your signed coin with a bend in it.

Teenager bends coin using mind power

You even get to keep the coin as a souvenir. No expense spared when Magic Frank is in town.  


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