How To Make Your Best Friend Envious


When stars like Julia Roberts and Naomi Campbell attend a red-carpet event, they are usually seen wearing a stunning outfit created by a top designer especially for them.

Let’s face it, they would probably look just as great dressed in something off the peg from Marks and Spencer.

So why bother with a designer outfit?

Well, stars know their fans expect them to look great.

So, out of respect for them, they make the extra effort to look outstanding.

And then, like many of us, they have close friends who are also, well… rivals.

So, they can feel just a bit smug knowing that their best friend will be feeling a touch of envy.

Well, they may be stars but they are only human after all!

So, why am telling you this?

Well, just like the stars meet their fans’ expectations by looking good, you probably want your family and friends to have the great night the next time you organise a party.

The stars have designers create bespoke clothes for them. You can have me create bespoke magic for you.

Somebody very close to you is likely to be attending. or you may even be arranging it for them

We can have a chat and then I can design something especially for them.

Seeing the delight on their face would leave you feeling like this:

Or perhaps you’ve got a friend-rival you love dearly… but wouldn’t mind having them feel just a tad envious of your night!

Woman filled with envy Humorous.

If you are planning a party just call me and we can make it as special as any Hollywood red carpet night!

Best wishes,

Magic Frank