My birthday is in early January and this year, my wife bought me tickets to see Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley in Cabaret. Pricey, it’s true…and it wasn’t even a combined Christmas and Birthday present! It was one of the best productions I have ever seen…and I have seen a lot of plays. From the moment you enter the theatre, you are transported back to the demi-monde of a seedy German nightclub of the 1930’s. The acting, the staging

Booking A Magician: Top Tips Here’s my top 4 tips if you’re thinking of booking a magician.   Booking A Magician Top Tip 1 Websites Yes, any serious magician must have one. However, don’t be over impressed by flashy sites. They may tell you more about the website designer than the magician.     Images of the magician set in a moody urban landscape with portentous music and the cards flowing out towards the camera in slow motion look fantastic.

  So, you’ve Googled, “How much does a wedding magician cost to hire for a wedding reception?” and clicked my link. Thank you. Without beating about the bush, if you are reading this then the answer to your question, “how much does a wedding cost to hire” is: I think you should expect to pay between £250 and £550 to hire a wedding magician in Manchester and across the North West. Prices will be higher in London. What do you Hitched Magazine surveyed newly wed couples in 2019 Here are some key facts and figures about the average wedding How does yours compare?   The average total cost of a wedding was £31,974. In order of cost the money was spent: Venue Honeymoon Food Engagement Ring Drinks   Hmmm. No mention of entertainment such as –ahem magicians-  here. Perhaps it is part of the venue cost.   Barns and Farms were the most popular venues   I wonder whether

Looking for ideas for your wedding album? If you’re booking a professional wedding photographer s/he will already have plenty of ideas for your wedding album. They already know exactly the shots to take that will capture the romance of the occasion. That’s one part of being a professional. They will also know how to take photos of your family and friends enjoying themselves on the day. All these will be included in your wedding album for you to cherish in

  So, what did booking a wedding magician ever do for us? Well, they help people break the ice, which is great when you have family and friend from both sides who don’t really know each other. There’s a reason for booking a wedding magician. OK. Apart from breaking the ice, what did booking a wedding magicians ever do for us? They fill in the gaps helping the quiet times pass quicker, like when the photos are being taken or

  Well, after the booking desert caused by the pandemic, suddenly I have had a deluge of engagements. And I am loving it. It’s simply wonderful to be back, performing magic in person. I enjoyed the Zoom magic and there is a place for it. However, for me there is nothing to compare to performing magic close up, surrounded and where I can see the whites of the audience’s eyes. Quite a few people now having wedding parties taking place

Hi, When stars like Julia Roberts and Naomi Campbell attend a red-carpet event, they are usually seen wearing a stunning outfit created by a top designer especially for them. Let’s face it, they would probably look just as great dressed in something off the peg from Marks and Spencer. So why bother with a designer outfit? Well, stars know their fans expect them to look great. So, out of respect for them, they make the extra effort to look outstanding.

Say ‘magician’ to many people and, at best, they imagine a man in a cape, with a top hat, bunny rabbit and a pack of cards. Probably not metal bending. At worst, it’s their uncle pulling coins from behind ears. Or, even worse, getting you to pick a card, then laying out the deck in seven rows and having you indicate which row you card is in, gathering the cards, laying them out, having you indicate which row your card