No, we can’t have the usual gang over during lockdown for a sophisticated dinner party…   …or having a bite to eat as it is more commonly known. Luckily, you know that the arrival of Zoom means that we don’t need to condemn ourselves to a life of social isolation. So you think: I’ll just schedule a  Zoom meeting with some friends and we can all share a meal virtually. Then you think: I know. I’ll arrange for some online

  David Beckham was paid millions to play football. Yet, in the clip below you can see him miss a penalty. It’s not that the penalty was saved. That would be disappointing enough. No, he sends it rocketing over the crossbar: schoolboy stuff. Occasionally –very– a trick I perform goes wrong. What is my reaction? You might imagine it is embarrassment. Actually, what I feel is pity that that my guest is going to miss out on the WOW moment

The next thing I needed to do was created an improvised studio. Now we are ’empty-nesters’ I can use one of the boys’ bedrooms. It’s quick to set up but, viewed from outside, it does not look in the least bit glamorous or showbiz! However, it’s completly different when seen through the camera lens: What are the cards all about? Find out more here:         

Preparing for tomorrow night’s Zoom dinner party magical entertainment. Everybody will receive four playing cards to join in the climax of the show. This will involve tearing the cards in half. To make that a little easier, I have a made little snip at the top of the cards. As with so many things in life, preparation is everything.

  Well, for the time being dinner parties are a thing of the past. Unless, of course, you decide to hold a VIRTUAL dinner party. It’s quite simple. Say three couples join in. Each prepares one dish.  Somebody acts as courier, dropping off and picking up dishes. Once home, dinners can be warmed and the Zoom meeting started up. Before, during and after the meal there are plenty of opportunities for games, quizzes etc.  And, if you fancy a bit

I made a very brief appearance in ITV’s Secrets of Your Christmas Dinner last night.

    Special birthdays and anniversaries are too important to go unmarked, even in these unusual times. If you are planning a small ‘bubble’ party for yourself or a loved one, you can still make it remarkable. It doesn’t matter how small the numbers or the size of the room. Just book my private magic and mind-reading parlour show. Find out more below:      

Performed my first gig since lockdown on Saturday. It was held in a garden to reduce risk of cross infection. It felt fantastic to be performing again. The show lasted about 45 minutes. Magic included: ~ spectator selects a random name on a random page in a telephone directory. I predicted the name he would select. This is a new addition to my show. Lockdown gave me breathing space to develop new explorations in my mind-reading research. ~Torn up pieces of paper

  Apart performing magic (Let’s be honest: I love an audience)    my other great passion in life is reading.   I’ve been a book worm all my life. My mum told me that my first teacher said she had never met a child as determined to learn how to read as I was. I would spend days as a teenager in the local library. Unless I must keep an appointment, plane or train delays never bother me. It’s the