Spoiling The Ship A wedding is a major financial cost these days. These figures for average costs in 2019 are eye-watering. 1.Venue hire – £5,406 2.Food – £3,887 3.Engagement ring – £2,419 4.Drink – £1,587 5.Wedding dress/outfit – £1,313 And then with the honeymoon coming in at £4,645… I can see why it is tempting to cut a few corners on extras such as the magician.     For a ha’poth of Tar Sure, obviously you’re not going to

Carolyn is not the sort of person to let a worldwide pandemic interfere with her celebrating her birthday in style.     However, as an NHS worker, she wasn’t going to do anything that would risk people’s health. She looked on BARK to find a magician who would entertain over the internet. That’s where I came in.   (Er… you are aware of the Trade and Descriptions Act, Frank?)   I phoned her the moment I saw her request.     (Enough,

Finding Magic Frank through Bark made my lockdown zoom birthday party into a great success. Magic Frank’s attention to detail and preperation with me by phone, Email, text and post during the lead up to the event was second to none. He geared his performance around his ‘zoom’ audience and despite essentially communicating to a screen managed to involve everyone. His magic left us amazed. We were a group aged 4 to 70. If you’re wondering about having a magician

I was petrified As the song goes. And for many, starting to use Zoom was, shall we say, a tad intimidating.   Then, we got used to it and suddenly we’re loving it.   But now, after all these lockdown months of Zooming family and friends…what’s left to talk about? “So, what have you been up to?” “Ironed my socks.” How long 40 minutes can seem when,12 months on,you are hunting for fresh conversation with the people we love and

Let Magic Frank Drop In to your Zoom meeting and liven up the conversation.

No, we can’t have the usual gang over during lockdown for a sophisticated dinner party…   …or having a bite to eat as it is more commonly known. Luckily, you know that the arrival of Zoom means that we don’t need to condemn ourselves to a life of social isolation. So you think: I’ll just schedule a  Zoom meeting with some friends and we can all share a meal virtually. Then you think: I know. I’ll arrange for some online

  David Beckham was paid millions to play football. Yet, in the clip below you can see him miss a penalty. It’s not that the penalty was saved. That would be disappointing enough. No, he sends it rocketing over the crossbar: schoolboy stuff. Occasionally –very– a trick I perform goes wrong. What is my reaction? You might imagine it is embarrassment. Actually, what I feel is pity that that my guest is going to miss out on the WOW moment

The next thing I needed to do was created an improvised studio. Now we are ’empty-nesters’ I can use one of the boys’ bedrooms. It’s quick to set up but, viewed from outside, it does not look in the least bit glamorous or showbiz! However, it’s completly different when seen through the camera lens: What are the cards all about? Find out more here:         

Preparing for tomorrow night’s Zoom dinner party magical entertainment. Everybody will receive four playing cards to join in the climax of the show. This will involve tearing the cards in half. To make that a little easier, I have a made little snip at the top of the cards. As with so many things in life, preparation is everything.