Manchester Magician’s Guide To Personalising Magic Performances For Your Special Occasion

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As a professional magician specialising in close-up magic and mentalism I know just how much magic performances can create unforgettable moments for your audience, making the occasion even more enjoyable and memorable.

But one aspect that can elevate an engagement or performance further still is adding personalised touches. I always take the time to understand you and your event, so I can then tailor my performance to suit.

Given that there are many ways to skin this particular cat, here are some of my top tips regarding personalising magical performances for your special occasion.

1. Personalised Props

I can, and often do, use props that have been customised to the event or the honourees.

For example, if the event is a wedding, I can use a silk handkerchief embroidered with the couple’s names and wedding date or a customised pack of cards, with each card containing an image of the happy couple.

You can source them and give them to me, I can source them (depending on what it is), or we can work together to come up with something suitable.

By incorporating props like these into the performance, it adds a layer of personalisation that you and your guests will always remember.

2. Audience Involvement

I love incorporating the bride and groom or the birthday boy/girl into my act by inviting them to participate in a trick.

This could involve them choosing a card, holding a prop, or even performing a simple magic trick themselves with my guidance. This inclusion not only makes the performance more personalised but also creates a unique memory for them.

3. Personalised Predictions

When performing my mentalism acts, I can tailor my predictions to the specific interests, hobbies, or preferences of the person or people being celebrated.

For instance, for a bride and groom, I could reveal the name of the place where they first met, their favourite dessert, or even in one case, revealing the honeymoon destination chosen and kept as a closely guarded secret by the groom. Don’t worry, he gave me permission to do so!

manchester magician

4. Themed Routines

I can design close-up magic routines that reflect the theme of the event or the personality of the guest of honour.

For example, if the bride is a book lover, I can perform a trick where a chosen word from a book is revealed.

For a birthday boy, I could perform a personalised birthday money trick that combines magic with a memorable keepsake. For instance, I can perform tricks with notes and coins, replacing real money with personalised keepsakes (such as coins with custom engravings including his name, birthdate, or a special message).

Touches like these will make the trick even more memorable, and he’ll have a unique keepsake to remember his special day.

If you have any ideas along these lines (such as a trick ending with a memorable keepsake you’ve given to me beforehand), just get in touch to have a chat about what you’d like to achieve.

5. Customised Signature Tricks

Over my years of working in the industry, I’ve developed a few signature tricks that can be easily adapted to different events or individuals.
While these particular tricks have taken a great deal of practice to perfect, and still require a great deal of skill to pull off, I am willing and able to customise them for your event.

Having the so-called “showstoppers” tailored to your guest(s) of honour or theme will make your event truly unique and memorable. The look on people’s faces is honestly priceless and it never gets old, trust me!

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Contact Your Local Manchester Magician Today to Discuss Your Personalisation Options

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, wedding, or milestone birthday party, contact me, Magic Frank, today to discuss your personalisation options.

Together, we’ll create a bespoke magic experience that will both captivate your guests and make your event unforgettable.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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