Reaction Shots: Magic Frank’s Favourites

Reaction shots are a fantastic addition to your photo album. Especially at weddings where as bride and groom you won’t see everything happening on the big day.

It’s great to look back and see the faces of your friends and family looking astonished or throwing their heads back in laughter.

I was looking through some old photographs recently and have picked out  a few of my favourites.

There are lots of reasons to book a magician for your wedding or special party. 

~We help pass the time during any lulls in the day, such as between the wedding breakfast and the first dance.

~We help break the ice at the drinks reception.

~Also there will be guests siting at the tables who don’t know each other. Some magic is a great way to entertian them and give them something to talk about after the magician moves on.

~If there is a delay in table service we can help make the time seem to pass more quickly

One that isn’t often mentioned is the fantastic opportunity it creates for your photographer to capture some amazing reaction shots for your album. 

Many thank to amazing photographers  Si Miller

and Michelle Louise

You can read my top tips on how to choose a magician HERE

Photos like these:

top tip photographs

reaction shot as wedding guest looks amazed at magic trick

smiling bride


women pointig at magician


women with amazing facial reaction to magic. Ideas for wedding album.