Reviews: Wedding Magicians.


If ever you are unsure about which magician to book, I suggest you look to their reviews.

Flashy websites look fantastic. But, all they really tell you about is the skill of the website designer. Trust reviews instead.

Yes, images of the magician set in a moody lansdscape with portentious music playing as the cards fly towards you in slow motion are amazing.

But, I have to tell you: that won’t be happening at your wedding.

Reviews are a far more reliable way to make you choice.

And video reviews are even better.

I entertained Jay and Clare on Saturday at their  wedding reception at Christie’s Bistro in Manchester University.

I performed mix and mingle during the drinks reception. I entertained over coffee and dessert with table magic.

I ended with a special performance just for Clare, Jay and the top table.

Here’s what Jay said: 

You can watch lots more HERE.