Photographers and Magicians At Weddings

wedding guest looks amazed at magic trick. Photographers capture special moments.

Magicians and Photographers Go Together Like Coffee and Cream

You probably already know the main ways wedding magicians and photographers will add to your special day.

Magicians break the ice during the reception.

Table magic adds to the wedding breakfast. It brings everybody together and is the perfect way to round off the meal. 

bride amazed at wedding magic

Entertaining in the lull between the end of the wedding breakfast and the first dance avoids an afternoon lull.

Magicians and Photogrpahers Create Special Moments.

But, do you know what else we do?

We work closely with photographers.

Together we create fantastic images for your wedding album.


black and whote photo. Amazed wedding guest and magician.Photographers capture special moments.

You’ll be so busy you won’t see everything that’s happening at your wedding. But photographers can capture what you miss.

So you’ll be able to cherish these images forever.

bride amazed at wedding magic


Images like the ones on this page. They were taken by Michelle Louise (


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