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Manchester Party

If you’ve been Googling Manchester Adult Party, then you’re probably looking for inspiration to make your party an outstanding success.

Bringing in some outside entertainment is a great idea.

~You add something special to the party to go with the great music and tasty food. This way your party will be one to remember. One up on that lot next door!

~Booking an experienced professional means you can be sure everyone will be enjoying top quality entertainment.

~You will be anxious that everybody has a great time. Bringing in entertainment takes some of the pressure off you.


Birthday Ideas Manchester

There are all sorts of entertainers suitable for a Manchester adult party. For example, Caricaturists, Photo Booths, singers

They are all fantastic. So why should you book a magician?

Here’s what makes magician different to other party entertainers.


First, magic, especially close up magic, has lots of audience participation.

Unlike other entertainers, your guests just don’t watch somebody else perform. Instead they become PART of the performance.

They get to sign playing cards, make choices and have even have their mind read.

There’s lot of fun and laughter. Just look at photos of magicians in action. Time and time again you’ll see guests laughing at the trick.


people laughing at manchester adult party



Also, different guests will see different magic tricks.

This is because a professional magician will choose the right magic for the guest e.g., something romantic for a couple or a demonstration of mind power for a teenager.

So, there’s going to be a wide variety of magical experiences for your guests. Unlike, say, a singer where everybody hears the same songs.


Second, magic creates astonishment, wonder and laughter. Three emotions that people are going to remember from your party and talk about for a long time to come.


wedding guest looks amazed at magic trick


Magic has become very popular recently. But most people have only watched it on TV or perhaps at a theatre.

There’s always the suspicion that it’s been done by camera trickery or with stooges in the audience.

It’s an entirely different matter when the magic happens right in your own hands.


Things To Do In Manchester for a Birthday

So, you see, close up magic at your party is a great idea for a birthday in Manchester because it’s so different to other types of entertainment.

It involves lot of audience participation and creates a sense of wonder that many people haven’t had since childhood.


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