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As a professional magician, I think the best way to measure the success of my performances is through the reactions of my audience. It’s not about me – it’s about creating a shared experience that leaves people feeling amazed and delighted. That’s why I’m excited to share a series of testimonials from people who have seen me perform at various events in and around Manchester. As I’ve said before, I think it’s always better for others to share how good

If ever you are unsure about which magician to book, I suggest you look to their reviews. Flashy websites look fantastic. But, all they really tell you about is the skill of the website designer. Trust reviews instead. Yes, images of the magician set in a moody lansdscape with portentious music playing as the cards fly towards you in slow motion are amazing. But, I have to tell you: that won’t be happening at your wedding. Reviews are a far

  Well, after the booking desert caused by the pandemic, suddenly I have had a deluge of engagements. And I am loving it. It’s simply wonderful to be back, performing magic in person. I enjoyed the Zoom magic and there is a place for it. However, for me there is nothing to compare to performing magic close up, surrounded and where I can see the whites of the audience’s eyes. Quite a few people now having wedding parties taking place

Carolyn is not the sort of person to let a worldwide pandemic interfere with her celebrating her birthday in style.     However, as an NHS worker, she wasn’t going to do anything that would risk people’s health. She looked on BARK to find a magician who would entertain over the internet. That’s where I came in.   (Er… you are aware of the Trade and Descriptions Act, Frank?)   I phoned her the moment I saw her request.     (Enough,

Finding Magic Frank through Bark made my lockdown zoom birthday party into a great success. Magic Frank’s attention to detail and preperation with me by phone, Email, text and post during the lead up to the event was second to none. He geared his performance around his ‘zoom’ audience and despite essentially communicating to a screen managed to involve everyone. His magic left us amazed. We were a group aged 4 to 70. If you’re wondering about having a magician

Last week was a first for me: I became a wedding present! How it All Began It all began a few years a ago when I did a short stint on stage at Y Penwern beer festival. Y Pengwern is a community owned pub in Wales. Carol and Jim, who help run it, are friends going back to 1982. Carol asked me to do a short magic show on stage as an interlude to the music acts.  Well, I love

On Friday I entertained the guests at Duxbury Park Golf Club’s Mad Hatter themed gin tasting evening. It was a great opportunity for guests to taste a wide selection of gins. There has been an explosion of popularity for this drink recently. This was a lovely opportunity to try out some of the many new flavours available. The Duxbury Park Golf Club management  team wanted to make the evening distinct for their guests. As well as the speciality gins there

Master of Bad Taste  One thing you couldn’t accuse Jerry Sadowitz of is being discriminatory (or tasteful):  politicians, comedians, film stars, gays, the youth, women, Brexiteers, terrorism, Grenfell Tower, Madeleine McCann, the audience, himself, Muslims, Jews (and he’s Jewish) … no one is safe from his foul mouthed rantings where swear words (and really bad swear words) punctuate every single sentence.        The Show The show began at breakneck speed. It was hard to keep up with who

Just back from a delightful afternoon performing restaurant magic for the owner, staff and guests at the award winning Adnan’s Indian Restaurant in Hyde. The restaurant is owned by  Mr. Mizanur Mizan. He is a kind man with many talents. As well as running Adnan’s, he is a former international hockey player and a journalist for Sky. However, most impressive is the way he has raised the money to build an eye hospital in Bangladesh. Miznaur is a keen member of