Booking A Zoom Party Magician

Carolyn is not the sort of person to let a worldwide pandemic interfere with her celebrating her birthday in style.


girld doing 1920s style dancing


However, as an NHS worker, she wasn’t going to do anything that would risk people’s health.

She looked on BARK to find a magician who would entertain over the internet.

That’s where I came in.


                                                        Magic Frank

(Er… you are aware of the Trade and Descriptions Act, Frank?)


I phoned her the moment I saw her request.  


                                         I Called Her Immediately

(Enough, Frank!)


We got on brilliantly over the phone.


                                                                     We Got On Brilliantly


I explained my Zoom option. That is:

45 minutes of magic and mind-reading.

Lots of laughter.

Audience involvement.

Magic for all ages.

Teaching guests some tricks.

All for just £70.


Carolyn had found just what she was looking for…


                                           Magic Frank: EXACTLY What I Needed


and booked me immediately.


Within a few days she received a package from me. This contained bits and pieces to share with her guests. These were for everybody to join in the magic on the day.


As for how the day went. Well, here’s Carolyn’s review.


You can read more of my reviews HERE.


There’s light at the end of the tunnel but we are some way off real parties yet.


Do you want to add something special to your virtual birthday party?


Perhaps you are running out of ideas for your regular family Zoom.


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