Weddings: Don’t Spoil Yours


Spoiling The Ship

A wedding is a major financial cost these days. These figures for average costs in 2019 are eye-watering.

1.Venue hire – £5,406

2.Food – £3,887

3.Engagement ring – £2,419

4.Drink – £1,587

5.Wedding dress/outfit – £1,313

And then with the honeymoon coming in at £4,645…

I can see why it is tempting to cut a few corners on extras such as the magician.



For a ha’poth of Tar

Sure, obviously you’re not going to risk spoiling the day by getting Uncle Bert to spend the afternoon pulling coins from the kids’ ears. Or asking him to play a few tunes on the spoons while he’s at it.

No, no. You wouldn’t dream of that.

But why not a magician for £100 off Gum Tree?

Well, be my guest.

Provided, of course, you don’t mind a spotty adolescent turning up, dressed in his best slashed jeans and magically producing a sponge phallus for your new in-laws…when they’re not even drunk yet!

And I dare say he could show some amazing poker deal tricks to the five-year-olds.

Then there’s that great one where he lays out all 52 playing cards in rows of seven and you chose a card and he gathers them up and he lays them out again and he points to each row and asks whether you can see your card in that row and the he gathers the cards in again and lays them out in rows of seven again and points to each row and asks if you can see your card in that row and then he does this about ten times and by the end you understand what ‘losing the will to live’ actually means.


magician performing silly trick ruining a wedding party

There’s No Need to book A Professional


If he happens to spill red wine over the wedding dress (£1313, remember), well his insurance will cover the cost of professional cleaning.

Ah…he can’t afford insurance (not on the £100 you’re paying him, anyway!).

Well, may I recommend salt to soak up the worst of the wine.



Your wedding day is one of the greatest days of your life. It’s also a major event for your family, relatives and friends.

That’s why you want it to be perfect for all the people that care about you.

That’s why you are booking a beautiful venue.

That’s why you’re paying for a professional photographer.

And that’s why you should pay for a professional magician.

Somebody experienced and with fantastic reviews.

Somebody you can rely on so that your great day is enhanced by the finishing touches…not cheapened.

Serious about providing quality entertainment for the people you love and care about..and who love and care about you?

Then contact me for a friendly chat about how my professional magic can help make your wedding reception one everybody will be talking about.


wedding day magician

                                                                                 Magic Frank and a Smiling Bride