The Day I Became a Magical Wedding Present

Newly-married couple and wedding present

Last week was a first for me: I became a wedding present!

How it All Began

Events leading to Magic Frank becoming a wedding present

On stage at Y Pengern

It all began a few years a ago when I did a short stint on stage at Y Penwern beer festival. Y Pengwern is a community owned pub in Wales. Carol and Jim, who help run it, are friends going back to 1982. Carol asked me to do a short magic show on stage as an interlude to the music acts.  Well, I love an audience, was happy to oblige and had a great afternoon. As well as the show, I did what I love to do at every gig:  I mixed with the crowd, performing close up magic. It was there that I met Sara. I performed my ‘signature’ close up piece for her. She loved it and kept the card as a souvenir.



He’s Back

Skip forward a year and I was booked to do a fund raiser at the pub. You can read about it here. Sara was there with her boyfriend, Gareth. Both were back from their travels abroad. Sara pulled the card from her purse and explained she had carried it with her around the world.

I Become a Wedding Present

When Sara and Gareth decided to marry they wanted to book me for the reception. Unfortunately, at the time they asked I didn’t think I would be available. Then when circumstances changed,  Carol, Jim and the others at Y Pengwern pooled together to book me as a surprise wedding present.

The wedding and the reception were both at Alexander’s in Chester. I arrived and was kept hidden away until the right moment. Kate, Sara’s sister, led me through the crowded reception areas to where the newly-married Sara and Gareth were greeting guests. Kate gave a big smile and announced: Y Pengwern have bought you a wedding present. 

I spent the next three hours mixing with the guests showing my blend of comedy magic, mind-reading and impossible predictions. At one point Sara, Gareth and their immediate family assembled and I put on a special parlour show just for them. This contained magic chosen especially for its romantic theme.

It concluded with the magical production of a specially engraved (in Welsh!) glass deck of playing cards for the couple.

Sara and Gareth are a lovely couple who have earned the respect and love of their local community.  


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