Magician Who Can Entertain People of All Ages

magician for all ages

Magic for all ages: Magic Frank entertaining two generations at The Font, in Chorlton

I always emphasise to clients is that I am a ‘magician who can entertain people of all ages.‘ What do I mean by this?

Family Occasions

First, take a typical wedding reception. It is quite common to have the couples’ parents, grandparents,  nephews and nieces. Their ages can range from 84 to 4: people of all ages. This applies to all sorts of family occasions. For example, Ruby/Silver wedding anniversary parties, 90th birthday parties, 18th birthday parties and christenings. All of these occasions bring together families and friends from across the age range. Therefore, the magician needs to be able to entertain the guests of all ages.

Staff Events

Entertaining Children of the staff at Preston Technical

Furthermore, it’s not just family events, either. When I performed at Preston Technica staff Summer BBQ there were the staff from the company and their children, too. More and more companies are encouraging this type of family approach to the staff social events. Consequently, the magician needs to appeal to all ages.




A Magician for All Ages

This is where you require a magician for all ages. Why? Because the magician needs to engage in different way with people of different ages. A young child will prefer quick, visual magic. Therefore, for this age I perform my ball under the cup routine.

all age magician with boy who has bent a coin

Look, Mum, I bent this with my mind power

Adolescent boys will often enjoy magic where THEY appear to have the power. For them, the coin bending between their palms is popular. They get to keep the coin and can and show their friends what they have done just using the power of their mind. Whereas, for mature couples ‘signature’ is a lovely, extended, thoughtful piece of magic where they can reflect on how marriage has brought them closer together over the years. Younger couples may enjoy a piece of my magic where they think about what attracted them to each other in the first place.



risque magic for all ages

I can be risque when required!

It’s a party, so of course, people may be enjoying a drink (or two!). These guests probably won’t want to watch magic with a complicated plot. They may prefer something a bit, let’s say, risque. And I have a couple of suitable tricks just for that situation. As an experienced performer I understand how vital it is not to go too far. The guest must never be embarrassed. Making this judgement comes with maturity as a performer.




Booking the Best for the People You Care About

all ages love magic

People of all ages love the right magic

To conclude, booking a magician is about more than a just finding somebody who can do some tricks.  What you need to consider as well is whether this person has the maturity, experience and skill to entertain your set of guests. Can they fit the magic to the guest and not expect them to work the other way around? Can they engage equally easily with your grandmother and your maid of honour?



Before booking, ask the magician about their experience at your type of event with your type of guests. Above all, remember, you are booking a magician to add that something special for people you care about. Make sure they get the best.

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