Birthday Magic at The Wycliffe Hotel

Man wom and magician playiing card

Glenys and David with their Signature card

I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the Wycliffe Hotel entertaining Doreen and her guests. Everybody gathered to celebrate her 90th birthday. Doreen -or Dors as she is known to her family- is inspirational. She is sprightly, engaging and has a lively mind. You think to yourself: I hope that’s how I will be if I

make it to my nineties.

By the time I arrived they had finished eating. The staff, who were efficient and extremely helpful, were serving coffee. The ideal time for me to circulate with some close-up table magic.

Table Magic

I usually begin by sharing a few tricks that the entire table can enjoy. For example, everybody pulls a handkerchief from their fist…well they try but only I manage it! Then I move around the table working with a few guests at a time. This is where when the magic can happen right in your hands. One of the most popular tricks is called ‘Signature’ and I keep this especially for couples of mothers and daughters.
My final table was Doreen’s. There were some children at the table so, I added my ball under a cup routine. It’s a bit like this but a lot shorter!

Parlour Show

After that, I presented my parlour show. This combines magic and predicting the unpredictable. There is the opportunity for guests to come down and be a star on the improvised stage. Thank you to young Ethan for joining me to become the magician’s apprentice. I end with the famous (notorious?) bra trick. Thanks to Jenny for being such a good sport with this one. It is all harmless fun, of course. It is never my intention to embarrass anybody onstage. For that trick I always select somebody after consulting with the person booking me. This is one way I tailor my shows to the needs of the client.

Thank you to Denise for booking me; to her mum for allowing me to be part of her big day and to all the staff at The Wycliffe Hotel for their professional service.

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