Y Pengwern Magic


Y Pengwern Magic

Poster advertising Y Pengwern Magic with Frank in Llan Ffestinog

Y Pengwern Magic

Y Pengwern pub is in Llan Festiniog, Wales, with an excellent reputation. It is a small community set in beautiful rolling Welsh hills. Like many small villages, it faces challenges to maintain community services such as the local shop. A few years ago the pub came under pressure and it looked as if it might close. Everybody understood that the loss of the pub would be a devastating blow to the village. With that in mind, the locals took over its ownership and manage it as a community project.

They have lots of activities to raise funds for the pub. However, not all events are purely for fundraising. Each year the team lay on activities designed to entertain everyone. Of course, if they can make some extra money for Y Pengwern…well so much the better.

With that in mind, two of the committee (Annette and Carol) booked me for  an evening of magical entertainment earlier this month. And so Y Pengwern Magic was conceived and born.

While the audience gathered, I circulated and performed close up magic.

I performed two acts. In the first part of Y Pengwern Magic I explained how I became interested in magic and how my magic had developed and changed over the years. I then conducted a series of demonstrations of the power of the human mind to influence, to perform feats of memory, to anticipate people’s choices and to detect their thoughts. 

During the interval Carol’s husband, Jim, ran a music quiz with a magical theme. 

The second part of Y Pengwern Magic was a selection of cabaret style magic. As this was late night in a pub, I introduced some ‘adult’ material to the show. It was slightly saucy…and the audience loved it.

The audience were fantastic  and gave me a warm welcome. Even better…they called for an encore!

After the second act I mingled with the audience, performing some more close up magic informally. I also made a few pints of the excellent local ale disappear. 😉

Here’s a short clip of part of the show. It was taken on a mobile, so please forgive the quality.

Memorizing an entire novel. from Frank Farrell on Vimeo.

(About the author: Magic Frank is a close up and stage magician performing amazing magic across the country)