Public Liability Insurance and Magicians

You need a magician with public liability insurance in case he spills wine over your wedding dress.

Why do you need to book a magician with public liability insurance? Well, it’s not because something might go wrong when he saws a guest in half!

No, it’s much simpler than that.

Imagine your beautiful (and expensive), wedding dress being splashed with red wine as the magician makes an over enthusiastic sweep with his magic wand. Or your valuable ring being disappeared and then returned again…minus a diamond or covered in scratches.

Sadly, this type of thing does happen even to experienced magicians.

The problem is that many magician don’t even stop to think that they need to have this type of cover. They may not even know it exists. Even if they do, they find it is too expensive.

Suddenly, hiring the 17 year old who was keen and ‘affordable’ seems less of a good idea as you discover they have no insurance and can only offer to pay you back at a fiver a week. 

Always hire a magician who has proper public liability insurance. Magicians, like me,  who have been able to join the performers’ union Equity, receive automatic cover up to £10 million. More than enough for even the grandest of wedding dresses.