table magicians near me

Table Magician Near Me

So, you’ve just Googled Table Magicians Near Me. I don’t have to be a mind reader to guess that you’re looking for some entertainment for your family, friends or work mates. 

Perhaps you need a magician for a wedding reception.

Or maybe it’s a special anniversary.

Or it could be your boss has asked you to arrnage for entertainers at your company’s Chriustmas party.

And that’s a wonderful idea. Magic is very popular right now. And if you think it’s great on TV, believe me it’s even better when it happens right up close to you.

Why? Because then you just know there’s no camera trickery or stooges creating the magic.


Hiring A Magician For A Party

So, you know you need a magician. You’ve searched for Table Magicians Near me. Then you start looking at the websites and discover there are dfferent types of magic.

How do you chose the best for your event?

Well, to begin, here’s a brief introduction  to the maintypes of magic to choose from.


Close-up magic

The magic happens very close to the audience, often in their hands. Close-up magic is also known as Mix and Mingle.

The magician joins your guests. He moves around a cocktail reception or party, introduces himself to individuals, pairs or small groups. He then performs a few tricks and then moves on to the next group.

This is a very popular at wedding receptions. It’s also great for a cocktail reception at a staff party or awards evening.

Table Magic (Table Hopping)

This is probably what you had in mind when you first searched table magicians near me.

The magic is for when the guests are seated at their tables, usually as part of a sit-down meal. They have a mini cabaret show just for them. The tricks are on often on a slightly larger scale than close up. The entire table can join in the fun.

This is another popular choice of magic for wedding receptions.

Most professional magicians would choose not to perform while guests are eating.

The magician can entertain between courses and over coffee and dessert. A wonderful way to round off any meal.


Mind Reading (Mentalism)

These magicians seem to be able to read minds audience and make impossible predictions. Some magicians specialize in this area and it is the only type of magic they perform.

However, many magicians will include some of this type of magic when they perform.

A mind-reading show is suited to a more mature audience in a quieter environment (this type of magic can’t compete with the DJ!)

Parlour Show

This is a show performed at one end of a room or in a garden. The magician does not need a stage.

The magic is watched by the entire party. The tricks are on a larger scale than close up. They will often involve members of the audience coming down to the ‘stage’.

Usually, the magicians who perform close and table magic can provide a parlour show as well.

These shows are the perfect complement to close up magic at a party as they bring the entire group together to share the magic.


Hiring Magicians

If you can’t decide which type of magic is best for yoru event, a professional magician will be able to advise you.

Don’t be nervous about calling one and having a chat. We are friendly and sociable by nature. Magicians love talking about magic. We want everyone to have a great time enjoying our magic. 


How to Choose A Magician

For me, the two most important factors are their personality and relevant experience.


A magician needs to be able to engage with an audience and be very quickly likeable.

If your guests don’t warm to the magician then no matter how skilled he is, they will only see tricks but there won’t be any magic.

It’s when guests experience magic that they remember your event and thank you for booking a magician.


Different types of event make different demands.

For example, the age range of the guests, whether it is in a restaurant, garden or ball room all make a difference. Make sure the magician you choose has performed in a situation like yours.

Any experienced magician should have recommendations/testimonials. Read them carefully to see what you can learn from them.

What IMPRESSED the client about the magician?

What do they say about him?

Do you gain any sense of what he is like as a person?

Is this what you are looking for?

What TYPE of occasion are they about?

Has he experience at performing at one like yours?

What type of LOCATIONS (e.g., bars, houses, gardens, halls) has he performed in? Do they match with yours?

What AGES has he entertained? Weddings, for example, often have guests ranging from 5 to 85. Has he enough types of magic to entertain all your guests?

Has he worked with people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions? There can be sensitivities here that an experienced magician will accommodate.

Video testimonials can be extremely helpful. They are almost certain to be genuine. You may even hear the party in the background.

Don’t be overly impressed by flashy websites. Anybody can pay a web designer to do this. It doesn’t really tell you anything about their entertainment skills.

I’d definitely expect photographs to be on the website. Look out for the faces on the audience. How are they reacting to the magic?

I’d be looking for the types of reactions I want my guests to have. Also, look at how the magician is dressed. Check it is appropriate for your event.

Manchester Table Magician Near Me

I am an experienced, professional wedding magician who works right across the North West. I specialise in magic at special social functions, especialy wedding receptions.

Watch my many fantastic video testimonials and you know you can book with confidence.

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