Amazing Zoom Magical Entertainment.

Call me about my incredible on-line magic and mind-reading show.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. This has certainly been the case for magicians, like me, who were unable to perform in person during lockdown. Hence the rise of the ZOOM magic show.

The curious thing is that we all learned so much about the advantages of online meetings. Some people have even grown to love them. It seems that we may contine using them sometimes, even after lockdown is lifted.

And this is true for magic shows, too.

The Magic of Zoom

There’s so much going on in my Zoom show. You’ll see some incredible magic. I will make some impossible predictions. Everyone is going to witness unbelievable coincidences. You will experience your mind being read (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt). You can take part in  psychological games. There’s plenty of jokes and much more. 

You can even learn how to perform some amazing magic tricks.

All on-line, so in the comfort and safety of your home.

Actually, during the lockdown I shared vidoes of tricks for parents to teach their children. You can watch one HERE.

It’s simple to organise. You and your family gather around your computer and connect to Zoom via a link I send. Instantly, you have a magican in the room. There’s fun and amazement and interaction.

When you book we discuss your guests. That way I can ensure that the magic is personalised for them. Ahead of the day I send you a package with some items for everyone to use and join in the magic. 

You can even link to friends and family. They can join in the on-line magical fun on their computers…no matter where they are in the world.

Zoom review

                                                                                      Carolyn’s Review



What about if you prefer another online platform? Not a problem. I am familair with more than just Zoom.

And it’s not just for private parties.

I have performed for corporate events. So, if you are planning some online entertainment for your team, call me and I can tell you how I entertained for staff at Astra Zeneca and LC Packaging.

Book with confidence: Try before you buy.

Affordable Magic in Your Home

Simply contact me to set up a web meeting and I can show you some of my Zoom on-line magic.

For private events my fee is £80 for a show Zoomed to one household. Additional households are £10 each. The show lasts about 45 minutes. 

Corporate package fees available on application.

Magic Frank, we desperately need some online entertainment and you are just the man to provide it. Call and tell me more, please.