Just back from a delightful afternoon performing restaurant magic for the owner, staff and guests at the award winning Adnan’s Indian Restaurant in Hyde. The restaurant is owned by  Mr. Mizanur Mizan. He is a kind man with many talents. As well as running Adnan’s, he is a former international hockey player and a journalist for Sky. However, most impressive is the way he has raised the money to build an eye hospital in Bangladesh. Miznaur is a keen member of

Here are three simple reasons why magicians never reveal tricks. First and foremost, magicians never reveal tricks because it destroys the mystery. Every adult knows that magic doesn’t really exist. After all, if somebody really had magic powers they might be able to use them for something more worthy than finding playing cards or making rabbits appear from a hat…though the latter might solve food shortage problems. What magic offers is a moment of Wonder/Surprise. We have just witnessed something

  Here are three things a wedding magician can bring to your wedding. First, as everybody gathers for the wedding and waits for the couple to arrive, a wedding magician can perform stroll around magic. This brings families and friends together. Of course, the immediate family will almost certainly have already met. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends probably won’t have. A wedding magician can perform tricks to small groups of people. We don’t just show guests tricks, though. We engage