Another, very different , presentation of Find the Lady .

Her’s a popular trick I perform. I hope you enjoy it. Please share if you do.

I have re-created a simple psychological experiment from the 1960’s. Click the link to join in.

Here’s a quick trick involving… a ring and a shoestring.

A short video of me performing a card trick. I hope you enjoy it.  

  I hope you are keeping well and coping with the restrictions now placed on everyone. It’s all too easy to dwell on the negatives in these circumstances. However I want to share a piece of good, personal news. From time to time I work as a supporting artist on TV programmes. The last couple of weeks have seen me in the background at the Still Water Retirement Complex on Coronation Street. This programme has been I the background my entire

Edward De Bono, The Lift and Your Party The story goes that tower block residents were complaining about the time it took for the lifts to arrive. Engineers checked the machinery. It was in perfect order. Analysts checked the sequencing programme. It was set for optimal time efficiency. So Edward de Bono, master of creative thinking, was called in. He implemented a cheap and simple solution. Almost immediately waiting time complaints stopped. What did he do? Had mirrors installed outside