Edward De Bono, The Lift and Your Party

Edward de Bono The Lift  and Magic FrankEdward De Bono, The Lift and Your Party

Here’s  story about how lateral thinking expert Edward de Bono solved a problem.

The story goes that tower block residents were complaining about the time it took for the lifts to arrive.

Engineers checked the machinery. It was in perfect order.

Analysts checked the sequencing programme. It was set for optimal time efficiency.

So Edward de Bono, master of creative thinking, was called in. He implemented a cheap and simple solution. Almost immediately waiting time complaints stopped.

What did he do?

Had mirrors installed outside each lift door. Inevitably, people would look at the mirror to check appearance. They didn’t notice the time passing.

His solution is a perfect example of ‘lateral thinking’. Instead of speeding up the lift, he made the waiting time SEEM shorter.

Providing a distraction meant residents didn’t notice how long they were waiting.

Think about the guest experience at your event. Perhaps guests will have to wait around while wedding photographs are being taken. At your company gala dinner. there may be a gap between the end of a meal and when the music/show starts. Restaurant owners may have busy times when clients are sitting in a waiting area. There may be lulls in your conference programme.

These are all ideal times to have a close up magician entertain your guests.

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