It’s My Bag


As a close up and parlour magician, I don’t need to transport very much to perform…unlike my fellow professionals who need a van for their large-scale illusions.

Typically I need to carry a few packs of playing cards ( I give cards away as souvenirs so usually I need to replace packs during the course of the evening); cups and balls; fruit (yes, really); pen-knife, blank playing cards (for your thought of card to appear on); business cards; notepads; coins to give away; a mini-printer (to give away a few photos at the end of the night) and a few odds and ends.

Over the years I have used many different bags to carry everything. When I started out, I used a plastic toolbox. I progressed on to a briefcase. Later I used a small satchel.

My latest is undoubtedly my favourite.

It’s a green leather Gladstone bag. It is large enough to carry everything I need and compact enough not to entice me into carrying excess.

The handle fits my hand with supreme comfort, making it a joy to carry.

Inside I have an adjustable felt handbag organizer. This allows me to have things neatly arranged so I can retrieve things quickly once I arrive at a venue.

When I get home from an engagement, I always go through the bag, tidy, make any replacements and put a note to myself that it has been checked. That way, I always know I am ready to go next time. Though, I usually check it again before I leave, just to be sure.

I’m fond of the bag for several reasons. First of all, it’s such a lovely object itself. Like most leather, age has improved its appearance. Green leather is slightly unusual and so gives the bag a sense of individuality. So, it simply gives me pleasure to use it, quite apart from its functionality.

I also like the way it complements my general image when working. At parties and corporate I wear a three-piece suit. For lectures it’s a jacket with a black turtleneck jumper. Either way, I might just pass for your doctor…or psychiatrist! The Gladstone is in keeping with both.

By the way, I keep a permanent supply of loose change (useful for parking); sore throat lozenges (occupational hazard); Rennies (we aren’t always in control of what and when we eat); headache tables (the show must go on); sewing kit; spare phone batteries; nail clippers and a hand sanitizer.