Lockdown Relief

Performed my first gig since lockdown on Saturday. It was held in a garden to reduce risk of cross infection. It felt fantastic to be performing again.

The show lasted about 45 minutes. Magic included:

~ spectator selects a random name on a random page in a telephone directory. I predicted the name he would select. This is a new addition to my show. Lockdown gave me breathing space to develop new explorations in my mind-reading research.

~Torn up pieces of paper magically restore into a newspaper.

~I show five playing cards. No matter how many cards I throw away, five remain. Very popular with audiences. It gets everyone in the mood to join in.

~While my back is turned a spectator mixes cards, picks one and places it back in the pack. I turn around and reveal its exact position in the deck AND the name of the card. Witness the imposible.

~ Three spectarors write down secret information (eg name of a childhood pet). THEY place the cards into envelopes which THEY seal. I reveal all three secrets.

~Spectator picks a card. It disappears from the pack and appears in a lime. Here’s footage from Christmas.

And a lot more, too.

It was great to be performing again and proved that the restrictions do not mean the end of live magic.

Of course, since Saturday, there has been a stepbackwards regarding restrictions.

Nevertheless, I remain optimistic that the situation will impove.

However, just as added reassurance, if any of my clients has to cancel a booking due in any way to Coronavirus, they will receive a 100% refund: no matter how close to date booked.