My Favourite Trick


When I’m performing close-up and chatting with guests, they often ask me questions. The most popular is probably: when did you start doing magic? (about 30 years ago) followed by, are you a member of The Magic Circle? (yes). 

Another question that pops up is what my favourite trick is.

That’s difficult to answer because I like different magic for different occasions and people. I have, for instance, something I do with playing cards that I keep especially for couples and mothers and daughters.

Having said, that, one of the things I do that is very popular with guests involves a blank playing card.

I invite the guest to inspect it carefully to confirm there is no hidden writing on it. I suggest they rub it to ensure it doesn’t have some secret heat-sensitive qualities. It is, in truth, just what it appears to be: a blank playing card.

The spectator them signs the card and holds it their hands.,

Next, they select a random playing card. I don’t see it.

They then imagine the card they chose appearing on the blank card in their hands.

When they open their hand, the card they thought of is now there, still bearing their signature.

It always receives a very great reaction of surprise followed by laughter. They can keep the card as a souvenir to remind them of what happened.

Doing this moves the next stage of the entertainment on from magic tricks into the area of mentalism.

Perhaps you are curious about how magic, mentalism and mind-reading could add to events you are hosting for your clients or staff. Contact me for a friendly chat about the possibilities magical enertainment has to offer.