Secrets To Booking A Cheap Magician

Secrets To Booking A Cheaper Magician

You are holding a party. You have clients, colleagues, friends you want to impress. Here’s some tips on booking a cheaper magician.

  1. Go to an online marketplace provider such as Bark. Choose the cheapest magician.

Advantages: You might pay as little as £100.

Disadvantages: You get somebody who only values their own abilities at that price. Not very reassuring. What do you imagine about somebody in YOUR sector charging rock bottom fees?

  1. Book a very young magician.

Advantages: They will be enthusiastic and cheap.

Disadvantages: May not have a wide repertoire, run out of material and struggle to fill the booking time. Or they are insensitive to the audience and perform inappropriate material. There’s a very popular magic trick that involves a (massive) sponge phallus! A hoot at a stag/hen night. Perhaps not so good shown to a CEO you are wining and dining.

  1. Book an amateur.

Advantages: They will be cheap because they don’t have the same overheads as a professional

Disadvantages: They don’t have the same overheads as a profession such as PLI. Red wine and white wedding dresses don’t make for a good combination.

Alternatively, focus on VALUE not PRICE. Book somebody experienced and  with a solid reputation.


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