Booking A Cheap Magician

Secrets To Booking A Cheap Magician

You are holding a party. You have clients, colleagues, friends you want to impress. Here’s some top tips on booking a cheap magician.


Cheap Magician Tip#1:

Go to an online marketplace provider such as Bark.

Choose the cheapest magician.

Advantages: You might pay as little as £100.

Disadvantages: You get somebody who only values their own abilities at that price. This is not very reassuring.


cheap magician


What do you imagine about somebody in YOUR sector charging rock bottom fees?

Cheap Magician Tip #2:

Book a very young magician.

Advantages: They will be enthusiastic and cheap.

Disadvantages: May not have a wide repertoire. So, could run out of material and struggle to fill the booking time. Or they are insensitive to the audience. They  perform inappropriate material. There’s a very popular magic trick that involves a (massive) sponge phallus!


cheap magician inappropriatetrick


A hoot at a stag/hen night. Perhaps not so good shown to a CEO you are wining and dining.

And Finally:

Book an amateur.

Advantages: They will be cheap because they don’t have the same overheads as a professional

Disadvantages: They don’t have the same overheads as a profession such as PLI. Red wine and white wedding dresses don’t make for a good combination.



You need a magician with public liability insurance in case he spills wine over your wedding dress.




focus on VALUE not PRICE. Book somebody experienced and with a solid reputation. Somebody with video testimonials like THESE.

When we are buying something on line or booking a holiday, reviews are an essential tool helping us to make the right choice.

And it’s the same with booking your magician. 

These video testimonials are by genuine clients. So, you know you can book with confidence.