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Review of Magic Frank  after a 50th wedding party in Manchester       At the moment I am in high demand for social events across Greater Manchester. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and cocktail parties are all part of my performance field. Hire me for outstanding strolling close up magic. I can also entertain all of your guests together with my mind-reading and comedy magic cabaret show. There’s no need for a stage. A small section of your garden or living

  Poster advertising Y Pengwern Magic with Frank in Llan Ffestinog Y Pengwern Magic Y Pengwern pub is in Llan Festiniog, Wales, with an excellent reputation. It is a small community set in beautiful rolling Welsh hills. Like many small villages, it faces challenges to maintain community services such as the local shop. A few years ago the pub came under pressure and it looked as if it might close. Everybody understood that the loss of the pub would be

Why do you need to book a magician with public liability insurance? Well, it’s not because something might go wrong when he saws a guest in half! No, it’s much simpler than that. Imagine your beautiful (and expensive), wedding dress being splashed with red wine as the magician makes an over enthusiastic sweep with his magic wand. Or your valuable ring being disappeared and then returned again…minus a diamond or covered in scratches. Sadly, this type of thing does happen

Here are three simple reasons why magicians never reveal tricks. First and foremost, magicians never reveal tricks because it destroys the mystery. Every adult knows that magic doesn’t really exist. After all, if somebody really had magic powers they might be able to use them for something more worthy than finding playing cards or making rabbits appear from a hat…though the latter might solve food shortage problems. What magic offers is a moment of Wonder/Surprise. We have just witnessed something