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So, you’ve just Goggled Book A Magician or Magician for Hire.

I don’t need to be a mind-reader to guess that you’re planning a party or event and looking for some entertainment for your guests.

Magic I very popular right now. David Blaine, Dynamo, Derren Brown and shows like BGT have created enormous interest in magic and mind-reading as entertainment.

So why not hire or book a magician for your party?

Unlike watching magic on TV, when you hire a magician you know there’s no camera trickery involved. And you can be sure there are no stooge in the audience.

Best of all, the magic happens right in front of you, often in your hands.


Magicians At Weddings.

Wedding magicians can really help your big day go smoothy. We can entertain at the drinks reception while you are having photos taken. This helps the time pass quickly and acts as an icebreaker for the guests.

At the wedding breakfast we can help cover any delays in service.

Also, it’s quite common for people on the tables not to know each other. A magician provides entertainment and then leaves everybody with something to talk about.

If you have a photographer, they can take fantastic reaction shots of your family and friends. They will look great in your album.

Or again, in the lull between the end of the breakfast and the first dance. Instead of people becoming bored, a magician can make sure the energy levels stay high.

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book a magician and see this amazement


Hire A Magician At A Party

But it doesn’t have to be a major life event like a wedding.

Magicians add great value to all type of events.

It may be an anniversary party or a christening/communion. Maybe it’s a Bar/Bat Mitzva. Or perhaps you are planning entertainment for a Christmas party or summer BBQ for your team

All these occasion, special enough themselves, will be made even more memorable by the addition of the laughter, wonder and amazement a magician creates.


book a magician for your party


But, once you have decided to book or hire a magician, how do you know which one?


The Magician

For me, the two most important factors are their personality and relevant experience.


A magician needs to be able to engage with an audience and be very quickly likeable.

If your guests don’t warm to the magician then no matter how skilled he is, they will only see tricks but there won’t be any magic.

It’s when guests experience magic that they remember your event and thank you for booking a magician.


Different types of event make different demands. For example, the age range of the guests, whether it is in a restaurant, garden or ball room all make a difference.

Make sure the magician you choose has performed in a situation similar to yours.

Any experienced magician should have recommendations/testimonials. Read them carefully to see what you can learn from them.

~What IMPRESSED the client about the magician? What do they say about him? Do you gain any sense of what he is like as a person? Is this what you are looking for?

~What TYPE of occasion are they about? Has he experience at performing at one like yours?

~What type of LOCATIONS (eg bars, houses, gardens, halls) has he performed in? Do they match with yours?

~What AGES has he entertained? Weddings, for example, often have guests ranging from 5 to 85. Has he enough types of magic to entertain all your guests?

~ Has he worked with people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions? There can be sensitivities here that an experienced magician will accommodate.


Video testimonials can be very helpful. They are almost certain to be genuine. You may even hear the party in the background.

Don’t be overly impressed by flashy websites. Anybody can pay a web designer to do this.  It doesn’t really tell you anything about their entertainment skills.

I’d definitely expect photographs to be on the website. Look out for the faces on the audience.

How are they reacting to the magic? I’d be looking for the types of reactions I want my guests to have.

Also, look at how the magician is dressed. Check it is appropriate for your event.


hire a magician guest reaction


Book A Magician Concluded

There we have it. A brief overview of how of you book or hire a magician you can transform your party.

You can relax and enjoy yourself while they entertian your guests and make sure everybody is having a great time right from the very start.


If you’d like to chat with me about how I can add magic to your event, just click HERE.


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